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captured happiness   
The puffer fish sake to be ignited To Atami, Yang Sheng, who stayed in Japan to study, went to visit friends. The name of Atami is well known in Japan, and the TV series "Ashin", which is familiar to the Chinese, takes place here. The female painter Nakajima is determined to invite us to taste the authentic seafood dishes in a tavern called "Caihe" on the street of Atami Ginza. This is the old family of the "family-five generations", and now the long-lived son of Rehe is a regular customer here, because it is not allowed to make an appointment. We need to make a reservation for the puffer fish speciality one day in advance (13,500 yen / Bit), but here is a small cup of puffer fish sake of 900 yen, which must be tasted. After burning the match and then opening the puffer fish sake cover, a singular flame will be evoked at this time, which is said to have burned the toxin. The 2,700 yen/striped squid seeds cut into red pieces are the specialty of the store, and the Japanese think of one of the "three major cuisines in the world" (this is a sample of raw mullet seeds coming after eating). Dinner for us to slaughter the strange fish with a long tail in the tail. The white sashimi is taken from this strange fish, and it feels more delicious when bitten. At this time, Yang Sheng, who is overwhelmed, has ignited a cup of puffer fish sake, and he will do it and cherish it. After the illness, the inner sea Yizi himself did not eat much, and he always looked at Yang Sheng with such expression~~
작성일: 2019년 3월 25일
한국소비자포럼 주관
2019 올해의 브랜드 대상 수상