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After watching the waterfall, we arrived directly at the literary town of Regal, a New Zealand surf sacred place on the west coast of New Zealand, once the location of the classic surf movie "Endless Summer". The town has a vast black sand beach, a quiet harbour, and a leisurely life for the locals. Its really nice. We arrived in the town in the afternoon. At that time, we were able to check in, so we will be free to move after checking in. We plan to take a break first, then go to the black beach with our friends and have a welcome dinner in the evening, especially looking forward to it. You can stroll through the town and feel the local culture, or you can go to the town to taste delicious food, and you can go to the black sand beach to see the excitement of local surfing. Although still in the spring, the locals have already started surfing at the sea. The town is not big, it takes about 2 hours to drive from Auckland. The town has cafes, bars, surf shops and art galleries. It is full of the "hippie" atmosphere and culture. However, what really makes Leigran famous is its beautiful black sand beach and endless waves. Regal is a surfing spot in New Zealand with the world's longest, most manageable and longest left-handed wave. If you are interested in surfing, or want to learn, you can sign up for a newcomer to learn the course and experience the thrill of riding in the waves. You can also participate in other paddling boats, kayaks and other play projects at your own expense.
작성일: 2018년 11월 27일
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