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트립 모먼트

Chibi Glen is five kilometers west of Zhiliguan Town. This is the fascinating world of the creator in the savage green of the Yeliguan Scenic Area. It is specially created in the surrounding or thick or light cover, and there is a bare mountain rock. It is as red as its clothes, but it is not a shy girl, but it is a wild wall that is connected with the gods and budds, the lions and tigers. The Chibi Valley is in front of the Yemu River, and the tail extends to the north of the Baishi Mountain in the east and west, reaching 20 kilometers deep. A small stream at the bottom of the valley, the walls are all crimson sandstone. Thousands of years of wind and rain have caused the two walls to form strange shapes. Some are like red screens cut with mountains and stones, the screen posts are clean and sleek, and some are like lions and lions. Some are like lions and mountains, and scorpions are like scorpions. Some are like squatting people, stopping cliffs and chanting, and dressing up the mountains; some are like pythons. Different postures. Let people swim in it, and think about it. There are 18 holes in the valley, and the clouds are clear and turbid. There are legends. According to legend, this valley is deep and quiet, and it was originally the place where Peng Zu cultivated. After being demonized by the demon, there are names such as the demon hole. Why is this square gray limestone, the black and white granite geological structure highlighting this Fang Danxia landform, this is Zhao Longguan's pursuit of the evil spring snake essence, the fire to attack the hidden traces of the burning of the valley. Legend has it for a long time, let alone delusion. But the Danxia geological landscape, which appeared alone in a gray stone, is waiting for the interpretation of modern tourists and scholars.
작성일: 2019년 8월 14일
한국소비자포럼 주관
2019 올해의 브랜드 대상 수상