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라 플라주 리조트
4.2/565생생 리뷰
Meravigliosa & romantica location. Personale gentile e professionale. Un elogio particolare a Miguel e tutti i ragazzi della ristorazione. Simpatici, efficienti e in gamba. Gentilissime le signore delle pulizie e tutto lo staff che gestisce i lettini e la zona spiaggia. Colazione & pranzo top! Complimenti anche al Sign. Daniele alla reception, rapidissimo nella gestione del problem solving. Alla fine…abbiamo prolungato il soggiorno.
그랜드 호텔 미나레토
4.4/553생생 리뷰
I was fortunate enough to be invited to a conference at the Minareto. The setting is fantastic, with the old city of Sircusa just across the water with Mt Etna snow, smoke and all in the background behind the old city. There are multiple outdoor gathering places for mixers or meals. The staff was highly attentive particularly Desk agent Luca. Kudos to Chef Francesco who took extra care to make sure that dietary needs were addressed in the most tasty and satisfying way possible. What a great setting and a wonderful hotel for a destination conference like the one I was attending, or for locals gathering for a special event.
호텔 빌라 아테나
4.7/589생생 리뷰
Villa Athena has been the top hotel in Agrigento and one of the well-known luxury hotels in Sicily for decades. We could not get a reservation there on our first trip to Sicily, but this spring we were able to stay for 2 nights. The location is as amazing as pictures and website show - you can look our your window or sit in the garden with a full-on view of the Temples. Absolutely stunning. Having said that, location and view are only one part of the hotel experience. Our room (temple view) was extremely small, but very well-maintained; the bathroom was decent-sized and totally modern. Still, it was the smallest room we've had anywhere in Europe in a long time, let alone for a 5-star hotel. Since we were there before summer, breakfast and dinner were served in a totally indoor space without any view and decorated in an ultra-modern style, which left us a little cold. And while the front desk staff were very welcoming, the restaurant staff did not add much to our experience -- on the first morning, we were ignored (for ordering coffee or seeing a menu) until we called someone over and we never got a single smile from anyone. We were so surprised that I mentioned it - quietly - to the front desk person. It actually made us decide to have dinner elsewhere. On the second morning, the breakfast staff was friendlier, but I have to say that it colored our opinion of the hotel. We were happy to have finally stayed at the Villa, but if I were to return to Agrigento, I'd seek out an alternative. If the Villa advertises itself as a 5-star experience and charges accordingly, it needs to deliver. We'd be willing to stay in less luxury but with warmer, more personal service.
아틀란티스 베이 - V리트리트
4.6/556생생 리뷰
호텔은 훌륭하고 수영장은 매우 좋으며 아침 식사는 풍부하며 풍경은 매우 좋습니다.
로마노 팰리스 럭셔리 호텔
3.6/564생생 리뷰
Very good location and very near to airport Totally recommend to come visit this hotel Also near by the beach The breakfast is served very well The service was excellent Very much recommend
그란드 호텔 티메오, 어 벨몬드 호텔, 타오르미나
4.8/567생생 리뷰
타오르미나 시티센터
호텔의 위치와 전망은 흠잡을 데가 없으며 객실은 타의 추종을 불허하는 바다와 산의 전망을 제공합니다. 시설은 사실 매우 좋은데 이상한 욕실 샤워 헤드 디자인은 욕조를 매우 어색하게 만듭니다. 호텔은 오래된 대극장이며 계속해서 무너지는 마을입니다. 거리가 딱 맞습니다. 해변은 좋지 않지만 남부 이탈리아의 해변은 똑같습니다. 그것은 매우 땅이 큰 입자가 큰 사암 해변의 일종입니다. 내가 불만족스럽게 느끼는 유일한 것은 이탈리아인들이 정말 너무 플레이하기 쉽다는 것입니다. 파티는 저녁 12시 30분에도 여전히 큰 소리로 음악을 틀고 있다. 몇 번이고 닫히지 않을 것이라는 추측은 불만이 아니다. 주차도 조금 어렵습니다. 우리 모두는 약 2km 떨어진 주차장 lumbi 차고에 주차 한 다음 셔틀 버스를 타면 편리합니다.
카포르티기아 부티크 호텔
4.5/543생생 리뷰
The hotel was small but stylish. Modern and very clean with twice a day fresh towels. I was very disappointed with the room that was given to us. It had windows that were frosted but we could not see outside. There was no mirror in bedroom but there was an iron and ironing board ( that was a plus). Bathroom was big but shower was slippery. The staff both at reception and at breakfast were extremely efficient, helpful and friendly. Breakfast was disappointing, too many wishy washy things and hot breakfast was extra. We asked for beach towels and we had to rent those. For the price of this hotel you would expect some things to be given to you as a matter of course. Jacuzzi was never used on the roof top garden and never saw any staff up there to offer any service. Parking was available for free but once you moved it was pot luck to find one again.
발리오 오네토 데이 프린치피 디 산 로렌초 - 럭셔리 와인 리조트
4.5/555생생 리뷰
We had a very relaxing stay at the hotel. We booked directly on their website where sometimes they have special packages that can include also, like it was in our case, a wine tasting. Breakfast is very nice, a lot of options, fresh ingredients and good variety. Dinner: all the dishes we tried were great! The caponata salad was delicious! The wine tasting was entertaining and a nice experience. The staff made our stay memorable, we liked the interactions with all the staff, from the front desk, wine tasting with Giacomo, cocktails at the bar prepared and served impeccably. The hotel is decorated with good taste and attention to detail and the room was comfy and clean.
그랜드 호텔 와그너
4.3/588생생 리뷰
Fantastic hotell with exceptional good service. The reception hjelped organise trips we wanted, or whatever we needed before and during our stay. The Rooms were Big and beautiful and huge bed. It was cleaned twice a day. Always fresh towels and at night a night time chocolate on your bedstand. The breakfast outstanding. A short walk to Main streets. Loved this hotell and its staff.
그랜드 호텔 오르티자
4.3/570생생 리뷰
Front of house staff were outstanding especially Emmanuel and fortunato excellent. Breakfast very good. Staff in the restaurant were great. Drinks in the top floor bar were great with views. Room was great. Internet only fair. Room temperature difficult to control.

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