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'우에노 공원' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 7월 15일

Ueno Park, known as the Treasury of History and Culture, has not only museums of all sizes, but also lovely animals. Although the cherry blossom season has passed, facing the warm sunshine in the afternoon, sitting quietly in the park seat, watching the visitors coming and going, and enjoying the leisure time in the afternoon has a different flavor. If you want to savor the park carefully, but also want to find Lu Xun Dawenhao footprints of small partners, remember to leave half a day here yo. Ueno Park. There are many facilities such as zoos, art galleries, museums and so on. We bought rice balls in convenience stores, imagined sunshine on the grass, and slowly enjoyed the first breakfast in Japan. In fact, I really want to think more about it. The park is full of birds, a large group of pigeons, and crows flying everywhere. Several times, they brush through our hair. We dare not even open the food bag for fear of being attacked by crows. Several times, I was frightened by birds suddenly flying in the bushes, and the passers-by behind me turned back. The Park was so fierce that we had to jog for a while, and finally we had to hide in Starbucks and finish our breakfast carefully... Ueno Park is actually a place for cherry appreciation. There are no cherry blossoms. It's also interesting to see the leisure side of the local people.

우에노 공원
우에노 공원
우에노 공원
우에노 공원
우에노 공원
우에노 공원
우에노 공원

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