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'칸불라 국가삼림공원' 리뷰


작성일: 2015년 11월 15일

Kampala is a magical place. Ticket 50 sightseeing buses add up to 100 and the ticket office can bargain at 150 gates. According to the charterer, this is Tibetan territory government. No matter how dark the charge is, there are minibuses to send people up. The highest point is to drive 33 km Panshan Road from the gate. But as their minibuses, they must wait until people arrive at the same place before driving. Besides, we have to wait for a long time at the shopping and eating places. When we go up, it is off season and we have to catch a plane in the early morning and afternoon. So we didn't take his car and our charterer drove up. Every scenic spot has to stop for two hours to take pictures, which is good enough to see the Yellow River in Cambra!!! _______ It's a pity that the weather is cloudy and sunny when it's not beautiful.

칸불라 국가삼림공원
칸불라 국가삼림공원
칸불라 국가삼림공원
칸불라 국가삼림공원
칸불라 국가삼림공원

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