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captured happiness   
작성일: 2016년 5월 8일
Xiao Lian   
The most popular destination in July and August | Great Northwest Wilderness Raiders trip D1: Xining Taer Temple - Laji Mountain - Qinghai Lake D2: Chaka Salt Lake - Dachaidan Emerald Lake, Agate Lake D3: South Eight Immortals - Oil Town D4: Mogao Grottoes - Mingsha Mountain D5: Dunhuang - Jiayuguan - Zhangye Colorful Danxia D6: Zhangye - Qilian Mountain - Door source - leaping Datun Mountain - Xining traffic 1. Self-driving: The advantage of self-driving is that the trip is more free and can bring more things. However, it is hard to drive long distances along the Ganqing ring road. It is best to change two people or more. There will be no signal on the mobile phone on some sections of Ganqing. If you are self-driving, you must familiarize yourself with the route in advance so as not to get lost. 2. Charter: The development of Qinghai chartered car is very mature. It is also the most common choice for people to use the Ganqing ring line. The driver is familiar with the route and can also recommend some small spots. It is more convenient to handle the local food and transportation. . chartered cars generally do not need to care for the driver's accommodation, but need to eat with the driver when eating. If you do not include anything, you must make it clear in advance so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstanding. Climate and clothing required 1. Qinghai belongs to the plateau climate, the temperature difference is very large, and the weather changes very fast, too many uncertain factors. When preparing clothes, you should wear a short-sleeved skirt and some thick coats and trousers. Remember to bring a thick coat for any occasion. 2. The ultraviolet rays on the plateau are very strong. Be sure to pay attention to sun protection. You can prepare hats, gloves, etc. in advance. Sunscreens should not be less 3. The climate here will be relatively dry. It is best to adapt the film and hand cream, body lotion, etc. 4. Items that must be brought: thick coat, sunscreen, sunglasses, slippers, mask (windproof sunscreen), hat, mask hand cream, people who are afraid of getting into the car for a long time with a neck pillow. Attractions Raiders 1. Ta'er Temple: Girls pay attention not to wear skirts! At present, the new regulations are that girls are not allowed to wear skirts. I have seen girls wearing long skirts, but it is estimated that different ticket inspectors have different standards. It is best to follow the rules and avoid accidents. 2. Qinghai Lake: It is not necessary to go to Erlangjian Scenic Area. There are many privately-located lake entrances along Qinghai Lake. You only need to pay about 10 yuan to go to Qinghai Lake. These places not only do not need high tickets. There will be fewer visitors than the scenic spots. Lake is a lake, the infrastructure is different. 3.Tea Salt Lake: Don't give up if you are in bad weather! The weather here is very fast, and it may be fine after a while. There is a place to rent shoe covers in the salt lake. However, many shoe covers provided in the scenic area have been leaked repeatedly. If you do not want to see water, you can prepare your shoe cover in advance. 4. Emerald Lake: Be sure to recommend the free fairy spot, no matter the color of the cloudy and cloudy water is very beautiful, the aerial photography will be more colorful ~ 5. Mogao Grotto: Remember! To be ahead! Booking tickets! Especially in the peak season, as long as the itinerary is determined, it is necessary to go to the appointment in advance, so as to avoid the arrival of the ticket. 6. Colorful Danxia: The latest ticketing time is 7pm, so be sure to go at 7 o'clock.
작성일: 2019년 6월 25일
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