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It is said that there are 108 kinds of troubles in life. In order to clear the troubles, 108 beads are stipulated, and 108 times of chanting, and 108 sounds of Xiaozhong. What I want to tell you today is the 108 tower related to 108. Do you know where it is? This 108 tower is located under the cliff on the west bank of Qingtongxia Reservoir, 60 kilometers south of Yinchuan City. The tower group sits on the west side of the west, and the mountains and rivers are under the water. The scripts and Buddhist scriptures of the Xixia-wen inscriptions were unearthed under the tower. It may be built in the Western Xia period as a Lama-style solid tower group, but so far it has not been confirmed exactly when it was built. The 108 tower can be said to be one of the existing large-scale ancient towers in China. The 108 towers are meant to eliminate troubles. The 108 tower is also a product of this kind of thinking. It is said that people who come here are said to be visiting. As long as you worship the tower, you can eliminate troubles and bring good luck and good luck. Counting a tower is a kind of trouble. If you can count all the towers in one breath, you can get rid of the troubles of life. Many tourists have to count the towers. So, would you like to finish it in one breath? When you climb the top of the tower, you will find that the tallest tower is the largest. The stupa is from top to bottom, pressing 1, 3, 3, 5, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 The odd numbers of 15, 17, and 19 are arranged in twelve rows, totaling one hundred and eight, forming a huge tower with a generally flat triangle shape, named after the number of towers. Due to the unknown construction time, there are many folklore about the 108 tower. There are legends that the people of the Northern Song Dynasty built the Mu Guiying point to commemorate that year; there are legends that the local people in the early Ming Dynasty stood for the 108 soldiers who died in this battle; there are legends that this is only the 108 ashes of the monk. There are also arguments that this is only built for the admiration of the "King Kong Vatican's 108 Laws". Tips: Best tourist season In the Yellow River reservoir area near the tower group, there is a bronze gorge bird island known as the "migrant bird paradise". Every spring, tens of thousands of migratory birds Migratory from the south, where eggs are incubated. Among them are the common ducks, geese, and rare black swans. Blue sky and clear water, green grass and green hills, flying birds in groups, singing up and down, adding infinite vitality to the ancient lonely towers. This is just a good season for travel. Qingtongxia 108 Tower Ticket Price: 60 yuan / person Transportation: Take the 2 bus from Qingtongxia City to Qingtongxia Hydropower Station, then transfer to the ferry to 108 tower, boat The fee is 10 yuan, and the total journey is about 1 hour and a half.
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During the Tang Dynasty, the great poet Wang Wei came to the Ningxia area with the supervision of the imperial censorship. He came to Ningxia and wrote the famous poem "Let the Supreme": "Single East wants to ask, is a country. Juyan. The levy came out of Hansai, and the geese entered Hutian. The desert was solitary and straight, and the long river fell into the sun. Xiao Guanfeng Hou riding, all guarded in Yan Ran. Later, people searched for the "south desert, solitary smoke" In the end, where the magnificent paintings of the Yangtze River and the setting sun are, it is found that there is no more aptitude than the sights and poetry seen in Shapotou. The Westward Tour Shapotou stills is located 22 kilometers west of Zhongwei County, and a high side of the Yellow River. The tens of meters of cliffs and large sand slopes have become a prominent symbol. Shapotou has one desert, yellow river, high mountains and oasis. It has the beauty of the northwest scenery and the beautiful scenery of the south of the Yangtze River. There are some of China's largest natural sand-sanding fields. The Yellow River Culture represents the ancient waterwheel across the Yellow River. It has the oldest water transport on the Yellow River, the sheepskin raft, and the rare mirage in the desert. The desert and the oasis have the same place. Camel to pass through the Tengger Desert, off-road vehicles can ride sand sea surfing, you can enjoy the wonders of Smoke in the desert, river sunset between us disappear.
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