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Xiao Lian   
Yunshuiyu has three elite visit points: Hegui Building, Yunshuiyu Ancient Road and Huaiyuan Building. and your building is built on the marshland. It is paved with 200 degrees and pine piling. After more than 200 years of solid and stable, well-preserved earth buildings; Yunshuiyu Ancient Road, one of the villages in Yunshuiyu is paved with cobblestones. The ancient road; Huaiyuan Building is the most exquisite and best protected double-ring circular earth building. Yunshuiyu tickets 90 yuan, student tickets 45 yuan. Yunshui has a famous big banyan tree and waterwheel. The banyan tree can't be described by a big word. Walking under it, covering the sky and covering the sky, it is far from the perspective of the self. Originally compared with the big waterwheel, the person is very small, and the waterwheel is just the size of one of the branches compared to the eucalyptus. This plant of eucalyptus is really admirable. When we went to the world, it was raining. It was like a dream in the distant mountains, and it didnt bother the rain. The most impressive place was when we turned around in the village path for a long time and strayed into a earth building with unknown names. Unlike the noise of the previous and the expensive buildings, it is quiet. No one is there, only the earth building stands quietly, and the drizzle of silk falls quietly. That kind of tranquility, I don't know if you have felt it, there is no trace of murmur, even the drizzle has no sound, just softly falling. For a moment, we stopped talking and sat quietly. At that time, there were only four words in my mind, and the time was quiet. A rare peace, a rare state of mind, it is rare that eight noisy people lost their language and feel the silence at the same time.
작성일: 2018년 12월 20일
Travel master cao   
In the hustle and bustle of the city for a long time, everyone will yearn for an idyllic poetic life, and Yunshuiyu, hidden in Nanjing, Fujian, is such a desirable one. Yunshui, the first time I heard this poetic name reminds me of the PC game "Xuanyuanjian-Cloud and Mountain" that I once played. Formerly known as Changjiao, Nanjing Yunshuiyu is located in Nanjing County of Cangzhou City and belongs to a scenic spot of the world cultural heritage Fujian Tulou. There is the worlds first ancient building the earth building. The earth building looks special from the sky. The circular structure was once used as a secret base of China by the US military satellite. The most striking of the ancient towns in Yunshui is the earth buildings dotted with mountains, river banks and fields. These earth buildings, which were built from the middle of the Yuan Dynasty, have 53 preserved houses. Stepping into the tall earthen buildings, the soil, the fireworks, and the people, suddenly have the quietness of returning to the pastoral. These earth buildings are closed, there is only one gate on the ground floor, and the windows on the second and third floors are evenly distributed outside the top floor. A earth building can live in a family, and each small family has a room on each floor from the bottom up. If you want to go from the inside to the second floor, you will need to pay (the villagers collect it themselves). At the end of the scenic route is the famous Huaiyuan Building. The Huaiyuan Building was built between 1905 and 1909. It is the most beautiful and best protected double-ring circular earth building. The beauty of Yunshuiyu is endless, because visiting Yunshuiyu is not in our tourism. In the route, when the scenic spot is reached, it is already afternoon. The whole route is rushed to finish. If you are traveling here, it is recommended to stay here for two days and feel the Hakka culture. Yunshuiyu is really good.
작성일: 2019년 5월 10일
Steven Zhang   
There is a county with distinctive characteristics in Chenzhou City, Fujian Province, which is called Nanjing County. The reason why it is very special is because it is not only the most concentrated and historically rich in Tulou, but also has a very leisurely feature of Yunshuiyu Ancient Town. In addition to this, there is also a production base of Fujian Tieguanyin. It has affected Nankeng Coffee Garden in Fujian and Taiwan. Then, let's play this beautiful Nanjing County with Yamano. First, Nanjing Tulou: Nanjing Tulou Scenic Area is closer to Quzhou City and Xiamen. Generally speaking, if you are departing from Xiamen, you can take the bus directly to the Nanjing Tulou Scenic Spot. The ticket is 145 yuan per ticket. Personally, the fare is a bit high, but the scenery is still very good. After all, as an intangible cultural heritage project, the value of play is still very obvious. Second, Yunshuiyu Ancient Town: Most of the ancient towns in Yunshui can be known for many TV dramas and movies. In addition to the Nanjing Tulou, Yunshuiyu Ancient Town is the most worthwhile to visit. The scenery is very good, especially in the summer, it is suitable for a holiday here. This summer vacation has already arrived. It is better to go to the ancient town of Yunshui, Nanjing, and take a look. It is recommended that the tickets for Yunshuiyu Ancient Town are cheaper to buy online, and the purchase on site is more expensive. Third, Nankeng Coffee Garden: This scenic spot is not only a scenic spot, but also a Taiwanese who took a look at the environment when they were doing business in Fujian, so they rented a forest here to grow coffee. Today's coffee garden has become a comprehensive resort integrating leisure, dining, food and agricultural tourism. It is located in Nankeng Town, Nanjing County. The farm bus can reach the vicinity of the scenic spot, but Yamano strongly recommends that it is more convenient to drive. . If you are here, the tourist attractions are free to open. Fourth, hotel accommodation recommendation: throughout Nanjing County I think the Nanjing Wanzhou Oriental Hotel is the most recommended, because it is built from a clay building, with local characteristics High-end resort hotel. Since the earth building is round, there is no concept of the head room and the tail room between the rooms. The experience of staying is very good, so Yamano is recommended.
작성일: 2019년 6월 18일
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