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For Huoshan, it was little known until I went there. I only know that it is a county in the hinterland of the Dabie Mountains in western Anhui. This trip to Huoshan gave me a new understanding of Huoshan. This is the core of the revolutionary base area of the western Yunnan. In addition to the magnificent natural scenery of the main peak of the Dabie Mountains, there are also wine and food, buried in The natural hot springs in the mountains, the Huoshan sarcophagus with high health care value, the blue-throated bee tiger of China's most beautiful birds, and the Foziling Reservoir of the first hydropower station in the Huaihe River Basin. This is the best place to travel with a loved one, and go to Takahashi Bay with him or her to watch the blue-throated bee tiger who is loyal to love, and he or she is in the spa town. Relax in a hot spring, and take a boat ride with him (her) to enjoy the beautiful and tranquil Foziling Reservoir, and climb with him (she) to climb the peak of the Dabie Mountain peak to see the sunrise and sunset...
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