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Louguantai is known as "the world's first blessed land". It is a famous Taoist victorious place in China. It is located in the northern part of the Zhongnan Mountain, 15 kilometers southeast of Zhouzhi County, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. The scenery is beautiful, with mountains and waters, Maolin bamboo, green shade, ancient books. Praise it: "The Guanzhong River and the Mountain is the best, the South is the best; the South is the peak of the peak, and the building is the most famous." Louguantai has both Zhou and Qin dynasties, Han and Tang dynasties, and mountains and greens. Natural scenery: The main monuments include Laozi, Jingtai, Yinxiguanxinglou, Qinshihuang Qingmiao, Hanwu Emperor's Palace, Daqin Temple Tower, and alchemy furnace, Luzu Cave, Shangshan Pond, etc.; natural scenery is known as forest, here is the mountain It is an ideal place for people to take a summer vacation by relying on the mountains and backing water, Maolin Xiuzhu, and integrating natural and humanities.
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For the ancient town, whether it is antique or authentic, people always have a kind of unclear and unclear like, so Jiangnan, which has water and ancient towns, has become a yearning for many people. The stream flows through the village and is boated on the water. On both sides, it is the green and gravel road. From the perspective of aerial photography, there is a style of Jiangnan water town here. This place is not in Jiangnan, but in the Shahe Water Street in Zhouzhi County of Xi'an, the ancients are clouds and there is water. This sand river was not built by the government through the air, but a real river in the history. It used to be garbage and cross-flowing. It was an abandoned river. After treatment, there is now a beautiful sand river. street. Here, there are both the style of the Jiangnan water town and the simplicity of the Chinese folk customs. The combination can be said to complement each other. The ancient Shahe fades away from the old, and now it has a new face. On both sides of the entire Shahe Water Street are newly built antique buildings, walking in it as if walking in the "real" ancient street. Water Street also built a waterfall along the small bridge connecting the pedestrian roads on both sides of the Shahe River. Every time you cross the bridge, there is a feeling of a small bridge flowing water. The sound of the waterfall sounds refreshing and pleasant, and attracts tourists. There are many photos taken here. If you are tired, you can take a boat trip in the middle of Shahe and feel the style of China's first water street. The greening rate here is very high, there is a large wetland, so the air is very humid, the willows on both sides, the small bridges flowing, as if walking in the south of the Yangtze River. On a leisurely weekend, you can take your family to walk around and feel the beauty of the water in the Shahe Water Street.
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