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슈우 날씨

2020년 8월 4일
24 °
약한 비
2020년 8월 5일
약한 비
2020년 8월 6일
약한 비
2020년 8월 7일
많은 비

트립 모먼트

Yuntai Mountain in Henan Province is located in Xiuwu County of Jiaozuo City and is a summer resort. In the Yuntai Mountain, there are many streams and waterfalls in the summer. In summer, there are some water-cooling villages, and there are some ancient villages in the mountains, which have gradually become tourist hotspots. Yutoushui Village is a small village affiliated to Yuntaishan Town. There are only more than 50 households in this village, hidden in the Taihang Mountains. The traffic in the past was so inconvenient that it was unknown. With the development of tourism, the village has a highway connection with the Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area. The biggest feature of the village is that it is a "stone village." The villagers built houses on the spot, surrounded by mountains. These stone houses have gone through hundreds of years and are not bad. The villages are well preserved, such as the Jia Family Courtyard and the Li Family Courtyard, which have a history of more than 100 years. The Jia Family Courtyard was built in 1850 and is still inhabited. It is also open to visitors and is free to enter and exit. The house is made of stone, neat and sturdy. More and more tourists come to Yidoushui Village for tourism. The village also benefits from the development of tourism. Many villagers have opened farmhouses in their homes. They can not only eat but also stay, and taste the farmhouse food in the mountains. The dishes are the villagers themselves. Home-made, pure natural green food, the taste must be excellent. Yutuoshui Village is located at the junction of Henan and Shanxi provinces. Since ancient times, there has been a commercial road passing through the village. The current commercial road still shows the Qingshiban Road.
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