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트립 모먼트

티베트,추천 트립 모먼트
칭다오 극지해양세계
B&B tester on the line | The same as the name of the "Spring Breeze 10"

built in the Qingdao Polar Ocean World "Spring Breeze 10" B&B
ask, why take this name, the boss is only a half A, "I think this place should be accompanied by a very beautiful name."
temperament, I like it.
go out is the sea , all rooms have 180 degrees seascape, the breeze comes, the four words that come out of my mind, it is really, "spring wind ten miles."

:Qingdao Chunfeng Shili Inn
: Qingdao Polar Ocean World

always feels that there is a lack of beauty and comfort in the polar Good . So, this year's late summer and early autumn, I finally waited for the "spring breeze ten".

1 It is said that among the 10 girls, there are 9 who want to open a bed and breakfast or a coffee shop, and the proprietress of the spring breeze, just like greedy, realize these two wishes together. There are both comfortable rooms and creative coffee drinks, wine cellars and creative drinks from the proprietress.
2 Located on the edge of the polar sea, a few steps away from the sea, a few minutes to the polar sea world. And each room can look at the sea 180 degrees in the room. The veritable sea view room is it.
3 Every detail of the B&B is not sloppy. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning, Smith Water Heater, Nutcracker Projector, meticulous to disposable bathtub sets, toilet seats, every room is available.
4 Each room is different in style, with sparkling tiles next to the bathtub, and a bath is like the little mermaid in Andersen's fairy tale. There are also girls with pink curtains and pink lamps. There are also screens of ink painting and Japanese tatami...
5 The proprietress of the spring breeze, halfway out of the house, is a very well-educated person. From the style design of the hotel, to the beauty of the tiles, every breakfast is cooked and stumbled. This kind of upward and sincerity is also the spirit of the spring breeze.
6 Talk about the most loved part.
Must be getting up in the morning, move a table and have breakfast at the door of the hotel. In front of me is the blue sky and the sea that just woke up, and it is like a European town.

Beautiful place, indeed, to use a beautiful name to describe.
I hope you can also be here, the spring breeze.
Summer PD
티베트,추천 트립 모먼트
Ivana Zhang
티베트,추천 트립 모먼트
버즈 알 아랍
Finally, check in at the Seven Star Sailing Hotel in Dubai. The Arabian Tower Hotel of the United States and the United States

Jumeirah Group is similar to the sails of the boat, also known as the Dubai Seven Star Sailing Hotel. It has long been a favorite to live, this time finally realized. The hotel is built on an artificial island in the Persian Gulf, 280 metres from the shore of the beach. It is connected to the land by a curved road. The hotel has 56 floors and is 321 meters high. The top of the hotel has a cantilever that protrudes from the edge of the building. The apron of the beam structure is more than 200 meters away from the ground. Figure 9 can be photographed from the seaplane, which is too cool.

The interior is magnificent and luxurious, as if it were Aladdin's palace: the paintings of famous artists are on the wall; there are 17 telephone tubes in each room, and the door handles and toilet pipes are crawled with gold. Each suite also has a private butler who explains the high-tech equipment to the guests. Of the total of 202 suites, the lowest price is 900 a night, and the 25-story Royal Suite costs 18,000 a night - it has collections from around the world, private elevators, private cinemas, private restaurants, and rotating sleep The bed, the shower head with the upper, middle and lower three-stage water spray can be selected.

Lying in the room, you can enjoy the view of the Arabian Sea. The room is 170 square meters, up and down the stairs, specially equipped with butler service. In the room you can see the Arabian sponge long beach coast and warm in the room. Sea ~ If you like to integrate into nature, you can also choose to stay at the resort's summer palace, castle and other hotels, take a boat tour of the park, enjoy yourself

티베트,추천 트립 모먼트
신후이 구도 온천
Min Hua Emily
티베트,추천 트립 모먼트
마카오 에펠탑
Refused to take a photo of passers-by, the most powerful Raiders in Macau's Paris Tower niche punch card!

Love Lock Bridge

Love may not be forever, but the romance of love can be full of Parisian people in Macau!

The love lock bridge between the observation deck on the 7th floor of the Eiffel Tower and the main building of the resort, built on the art bridge on the Seine in Paris, is also a famous love declaration resort~~ A new generation of love beans Zhu Zhengting not long ago When I came to punch the card, I also sent a romantic "invitation" to the pearl sugar. The flowers also left a lot of photos of the girl's heart! In the afterglow of the setting sun, under the Eiffel Tower, say a Bonjour to yourself tomorrow, and send yourself a happy blessing!

Qcube kingdom, carousel

If you are traveling with a baby, after shopping in the shopping center, after leaving a romantic declaration on the love lock bridge, you may wish to bring your child. Have fun with the Q Cube Kingdom! Nearly 2,000 square meters of children's playground, indoor and outdoor play space is full of climbing space capsules, slides, carousels and other rides. The carousel is another great checkpoint with the Eiffel Tower! Flower strength interpretation!

, open-air swimming pool

summer heat, put on a bathing suit and jump into the cool and refreshing pool! The Parisian Water World features a 13-meter-high Queen Marie-Antoinette Tower, a spiral water slide, a red windmill on Montmartre and a 15-meter Verne airship equipped with a tumbling Mungofi crane Baskets of red and white hot air balloons, climbing nets, swinging wooden bridges, etc., you can enjoy the water or challenge the thrills! Here is also a punching point with the Eiffel Tower to take a cool photo!
Traveling Sisters
티베트,추천 트립 모먼트
포강(불강) 비구이위안(벽계원) 온천
Min Hua Emily
티베트,추천 트립 모먼트
복숭아의 고향
Kris Yang
한국소비자포럼 주관
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