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핑야오구청(평요고성)은 중국에서 잘 보존되어 온 고대 도시 중 하나로 세계문화유산에 등재되었습니다. 핑야오구청은 청나라 말기 중국의 금융중심지였으며, 오늘날에는 성내 거리, 상점, 주택들이 전통적인 배치와 스타일을 유지하고 있습니다. 번성했던 고대 도시로 들어서면 곳곳에서 산시(산서) 지역 상업문화를 느낄 수 있습니다. 핑야야오구청의 소고기는 매우 유명한데, 청나라 말기 서태후가 핑야오를 지나가다 핑야오 소고기를 맛보고 매우 좋아했다는 일화가 있습니다.
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Before I came to Shanxi, the impression of Shanxi has always stayed in Jia Yukes movie. From "The Old Man of the Mountain River" to the recently released "Children of the Rivers and Lakes", each of them is full of his deep affection and love for his hometown. The Shanxi in the early winter is a bit too unreal, making me feel like I am in a colorful and whimsical fantasy. Whether it is to listen to the history of a piece of dust in the ancient buildings of Jinci, or to the vicissitudes of the maiden, to experience the trend of "one husband is the customs, the husband is not open", the ancient Shanxi, five thousand The vicissitudes of the year have changed, and this magical land has left too much precious wealth. Ying County Wooden Pagoda, which is also known as the "Three Great Chitas of the World" with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is also the earliest existing wooden structure and high-rise building in China. It is unique! Yungang Grottoes in the Jinbei Plateau, with 51,000 statues of stone carvings, vivid and ready to go. Hangkong Temple is known as the "first scenic spot" in the 18th scenic spot of Hengshan. It is placed in a deep and secluded valley, embedded in the cliff wall, the floor is high hanging, the curve is reclining, the plank road The flying frame, the waist of the gallery, can only accommodate one person and pass it carefully. Wutai Mountain is the first of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China. It is also the only Buddhist temple in the country where the Qing Temple and the Yellow Temple coexist. In the winter, the Wutaishan incense is still prosperous. In the temple, a believer who came to the Buddha from the Sidha Buddha College was worshipped, and he was sincere and sincere.
작성일: 2018년 12월 4일
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