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Xiatianxia Scenic Area
920건의 리뷰
1,423건의 리뷰
Zhaixia Grand Canyon
776건의 리뷰
372건의 리뷰
지질 공원

싼밍 날씨

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2020년 8월 12일

트립 모먼트

Xia Tianxia Scenic Spot is located in Youxi County, Fujian Province, at the junction of Minqing and Youxi. It is surrounded by thousands of rivers and lakes, Bailixia Valley and Wanmu Green Forest. It is the world's first realistic version of the landscape martial arts world and the Xia culture landscape experience area. The perfect blend of Xia culture and Gaoxia Lake creates a realistic version of the Knight Space Eagle Village Waterfall named after the eagle's mouth at the top of the waterfall. Zhu Xi, when you visit this canyon, you can see the fish jumping in the stream. Moreover, I saw that the old man was free to fly. These animals gave the young Zhu Xi a sense of self-willedness, and thus wrote the famous sentence of "flying and diving". There is a glass bridge between the canyons. This is the first glass bridge in East China. It is also the first suspended glass bridge in Fujian. The glass bridge spans 300 meters and is a deep gorge on the 70th floor. It is like a dangling abyss. Under the feet is the cliff, the abyss, although knowing that it is safe through the glass, but the psychological is still a little scared, especially when the wind blows between the canyons, the glass bridge swaying. The night bonfire party is full of passion, rich program performances, you can dance together and start the night of the Ranger. Tickets 98 yuan (excluding Jingjiao & Glass Flyover); set of tickets 226 yuan (including Jingjiao & Glass Flyover) scenic area is about 2 hours drive from Fuzhou, Fuzhou West Bus Station daily shuttle bus twice The world; Youxi County and the high-speed rail station also have a shuttle bus.
작성일: 2018년 12월 12일
Zhu Xi is a well-known celebrity, a famous philosopher and educator in the Southern Song Dynasty. His hometown is in Youxi County, Fujian. Youxi is a small town in the middle of Fujian Province. It is also a thousand-year old county. It has beautiful scenery, lush forests, charming scenery, characteristic ancient villages, large terraces, and more commercial forest streams. From Fuzhou to Youxi, the high-speed rail only takes 1 hour. Jiuyi Mountain, about 10 kilometers southwest of Youxi County, is an original forest park. It is almost undeveloped and therefore does not accept tickets. It is a place where locals like to play on weekends. The tall pine trees cover the sun. The summer in the mountains is very cool. Stream is the soul of Jiuyi Mountain. Jiuyi River flows slowly through the mountains, bends and walks along the stream to find the waterfall at the end. If you can compare, Jiuyixi can be compared to the Jinbian River in Zhangjiajie. From time to time through the stream to the other side, a few stones is a small bridge, water flowing between the stones, crystal clear bottom. The water here is cold, and children like to play with water. Mingyue pine photos, clear spring stones. It is most appropriate to use this poem to describe Jiuyi River. The coverage of the Jiuyi Mountain forest is as high as 96%, and the air is sweet. The stream flushes the rocks in the river, and occasionally leaves fall into the water and follow the waves. The bridge is simple and has different shapes. There are about seven or eight bridges encountered along the way.
작성일: 2018년 12월 21일
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