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'산티아고 요새' 리뷰


작성일: 2020년 2월 13일

싼티아고 요새.식민지시절 필리핀인들을 탄압과 수탈하기위해 건축한 스페인식 요새.

산티아고 요새
산티아고 요새
산티아고 요새
산티아고 요새

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작성일: 2016년 10월 16일
Fort Santiago is Manila's ancient royal city. In 1590, the Spanish Governor Santiago converted the wooden fence-enclosed castle into a stone castle with a moat outside, a tower on the wall up to 10 meters thick, and a fortress. The Rizha Memorial Hall in the castle is a two-storey Spanish-style building, displaying the materials and documents before the birth of the Rizha. There were countless Filipino patriots imprisoned here, including the national hero Joss &, who died in a dark, depressing cell at Risha. Located in the famous province of Cebu, it is a Spanish-style building, which belongs to the typical Baroque architecture. It was built by Spain during the colonial rule of the Philippines and is also a symbol of the colonial rule of the Philippines at that time. We can find in our travels here that this kind of building is divided into two layers. The upper layer is the living area, while the lower layer is the office area, and the back is a huge garden. It has been well preserved. It is a good choice for us to travel. The city wall is also very magnificent, and behind it there is a huge moat, which is wide enough to withstand all kinds of weapons that could harm the city pool at that time. Because there are many places about the famous Filipino rebels, so there are many documents about the history of the introduction and records here, we can get a lot of relevant introductions in the tourism here, and add a lot of knowledge to our travel. Santiago tourism is a good choice for us during the holidays. It is not only a romantic trip, but also a baptism of history. We can understand the colonial culture of a period and experience the vicissitudes of a city. We should also pay attention to the time of travel here. We should come here between December and May next year, because the rest of the year belongs to typhoon time. Typhoon has a great impact on this area, and the period between December and May is when the Philippines is cooler. It's a good time to travel. We can feel the lost time in the castle of San Diego, and we believe that the tour here will leave us many good memories.
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