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'동백산' 리뷰


작성일: 2015년 10월 24일

It's cold, the most beautiful! Last December 1 went, there was no snow outside, Dongbaishan just had frozen snow, such as in fairyland. Choosing the right time is worth going.


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작성일: 2016년 8월 15일
In order to watch the meteor shower, I just went camping in Dongbai for the third time. The picture of the last barbecue in the fog is still fresh in memory. When people stare at the wind, they will flash when they eat the barbecue. The Dongbai in the rain and fog is not so happy. This time, I saw the weather ahead of time, took my lover to buy dinner, said go away. There weren't many cars on the way. I thought there would be not many people on Friday, but too young, there was no place to park at the peak, so I had to go to Tianchi to try my luck. There were more than N people camping in Tianchi. In the night, despite hunger and cold, I took up the place of tents first. Be sure to go camping early during summer holidays, and remember to bring down jackets! After finishing, I lie in my tent and look up to see the stars all over the sky. Compared with the stars here, the city is dark and sunless. Slowly adapted to the darkness, the pale Milky Way has hung across the sky, really beautiful cry, this scene I do not know is in a dream or when I was a child to see this! ________ It's cold in the morning and night. It's too late to make a wish to enjoy the meteors alone. Start at 5 a.m. and drive to Taibai Peak to see the sunrise. Here's to condemn the parking drivers who blocked the roads! Think oneself very early, but the peak just knows the crowd! You don't sleep! The wind is too strong, so you must wear down, or it will freeze. Dongbai Mountain is still under development. The road is basically good except for the last one to Taibai Peak and other windmills. Suv is recommended. There is a supermarket near Tianchi. The toilet is very convenient. The tent is also rented. Said to collect site fees, I have not been accepted. Let's get started before we overexploit it it.
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