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'단주 휴양 계곡' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 5월 2일

To tell you the truth, this time a car went to the home scenic spot, originally to the immortal residence, but later there were too many 5.1 people there, decided to go to quiet Tam-chu. Hometown scenic spots must be fully supported, the scenery along the road is really beautiful, especially this mandarin duck waterfall, natural ingenuity, unfortunately did not dare to stop to shoot, and then went to the scenic spot, but was damaged by two points, one is pit dad's 10 yuan parking fee, as a fellow countryman, and then let me go to the higher level to reflect, let me lose face in front of my brothers. Second, there are no entertainment facilities in it, so it's hard to keep people, sigh! Fortunately, the scenery is very comfortable. Moreover, the scenic spot should make several stone models by itself. Unfortunately, I did not find this kind of characteristics similar to the immortal residence in the scenic spot! Get rid of these, and the scenic spots in my hometown will be better! __________

단주 휴양 계곡
단주 휴양 계곡
단주 휴양 계곡
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