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'아소 산' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 5월 3일

Mount Azu has stopped the cable car since the Xiongben earthquake. There are not many tourists here. I take the cross-section bus to Azushan Station in the Xiongben Transportation Center, and then change to Mount Azu on the bus. Jiuzhou cross-section bus can be purchased online in advance, so when waiting for the bus at the station, the driver will first call your name on the bus, because the seats on the bus are limited, can not stand, if you go late, it is likely to take extra seats, or even no seats. When you get to the top of Jianshu Mountain at 8:00, you can see the prospect of Mount Asu, but because the cable car has stopped, you can't observe the crater at close range. Fortunately, on the way down, there are helicopters that can ride 5000 yen a person to visualize the whole crater.

아소 산
아소 산
아소 산
아소 산
아소 산

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