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We drive by car most of the day, because the destination is almost 4 hours a day, and it takes eight hours to go back and forth, so we bought a lot of food and drink in the car, all the way. When you see the scenery along the way, get off and shoot. There are two hillsides on the national road of 315. There are many tourists taking photos, red-brown deserts and roads, standing in the middle of the road, it is really beautiful. Its just that when I shoot, its easy to get in the car, and its downhill. Big trucks cant stop, so the photos here are beautiful, but they are also very dangerous. I have to look back at any time to see if there are any trucks behind. Because we wanted to take the evening light, we slept late in the morning and didn't start so early. That is also destined to go back at night very late. When I arrived at Yadan on the water, it was half past four. We only had one and a half hours of shooting time, so we all wandered around and filmed. This is said to be the only water Yadan landform. As for the only one in China or the only one in the world, I dont know. These outstanding features stand in the water and are very spectacular. The climate here is dry and many geckos and other creatures can be seen on the ground. Qinghai has a large temperature difference. In the morning and evening, we have to wear short sleeves, sweaters and down jackets. The weather in Qinghai is also changing. Sometimes it is cloudless and sometimes cloudy. When we take pictures, we sometimes encounter bad light. Sometimes, suddenly a beam of light makes the picture look good.
작성일: 2018년 12월 24일
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From Delingha, more than 100 kilometers south, you can reach the golden sea of half of the desert. According to legend, when Genghis Khan led the soldiers through this place, the golden urn that was left was turned into a golden sea. There is also a legend that a pair of golden sheep came down from the yak mountain. Drinking water at the lake and taste the sweetness of the water, they would not return to the mountain and enter the lake. In the middle, it is said that the lake is a gold sea. The west side, the northwest side and the east side of the gold sea are surrounded by sand hills. The sand is so delicate, and the people can't help but barefoot, and they have more intimate contact. On the southeast side of the sea alone, there are tall reeds and nearly 100 meters of grass belts, attracting birds, cattle and sheep for food, play, and rest. There is no fish in the water until clear. Since the gold sea is made up of a sweet spring, the water is extremely clear, no fish are found in the shallow water, and some are small conch and small shells. In fact, there are fish in the depths of the sea. Archaeological Discovery The eastern side of the Gold Sea is a cultural accumulation layer of the Bronze Age. There are stoneware and Nomuhong culture sand-filled brown pottery fragments; it shows that the sea has a long history of formation. In the Gobi Desert, there is such a pool of sweet spring water that nourishes the surrounding herders and nourishes all the creatures on this land.
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