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The advantage of living at the beach is that you can easily see the beautiful sunrise of the sea, smack some stars, see the sun through the thick clouds, beautiful, you will like it.
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링수이,추천 트립 모먼트
The dividing island of Sanya is really a lovely place. On the island for two days, there are small surprises everywhere. I recommend some photos to watch and dont miss. ~ Fig. 1 Hot air balloon and infinity pool by the sea There is a big hot air balloon decoration on the road, and the little fairies can pat a lot. The infinity pool is actually quite small, and many of them take wedding photos. The time for the fight is fast, so that the friends keep pressing the shutters and there is always a haha that can be no one. 2 Romance church and sea view pavilion The collective wedding that was encountered on the island was held here, and the sea view pavilion next to it could see the endless sea. 3 Flower Threshold Next to the seaview pavilion, there is a door built with flowers and plants, and a metal-colored chair. It is estimated to be prepared for the group wedding of the day. It is beautiful, especially suitable for taking pictures. 4 A stone path that extends into the sea. At the end are two pavilions surrounded by coconut trees. Then when you look back, you will see the double-sided stone on the border of the island standing in the mountains. 5 Seaside motorboats and banana boat Border Island has a very rich sea entertainment project, motorboats and banana boats stop at the beach, the little brothers are super enthusiasm, will let you go on the motorboat, he also Will help you shoot ~ Figure 6 Lighthouse Time is too fast, I can only press a far away, go to the lighthouse to sit and take a good look ~ Figure 7 wind moving to the observation deck On this viewing platform overlooking the seaside plank road is beautiful, human flesh aerial photography is visual sense ~ Figure 8 Bird's Nest Bali with the same bird's nest, just placed on the ground hahaha, just next to the sea view pavilion, go to the Roman Catholic Church One-time punch. Figure 9 Coconut How can you not pat the coconut on the island? The coconut on the ground is simply a summer artifact. TIPS
링수이,추천 트립 모먼트
I bought a package in Trip in advance, 2 days and 1 night, including the live and play boat shuttle bus, 2 people are less than 1,000 yuan, take the bus from Sanya City, it takes 75 minutes to reach the boundary island. The dock, arrived at the pier, boarded the ship and waited for the border island. Compared to the boat on the West Island, the boat on the border island was really super stable. There were about 10 seats in a row, and there was strict staff management to let the tourists express Very peace of mind, if you bring your luggage on board, the staff will help you with your luggage. What to play The highest dining place on the island, this The buffet breakfast is delicious. If you are staying at the hotel, you will have a breakfast, a three-story small building, one floor outside, even if you are outdoors, in the rain, there is cover, dont worry, the second floor and The third floor is indoors, and the third floor is the best near the elevator inside. It is really facing the sea. While enjoying the food, the morning meal time is 10 o'clock. I recommend it in the morning, not too hot, go to the beach first. Take a photo, then go to breakfast at around 9:30, take a rest after breakfast, and then go to the mountain to see, the vegetation on the mountain is dense, the shade is a lot, if you are tired, you can sit down at the top of the mountain or the hero pavilion and have a coconut. juice. If you have time, you can return to the room for a lunch break and check out. Tips Lunch and breakfast prices are the same, they are 78 yuan, but the dishes are a lot worse, there are more than 20 kinds of breakfast, less than 10 kinds of lunch, and breakfast The taste is not bad, the fish is recommended for lunch, the sea fish is fresh, and the freshly fried, the taste is very good breakfast: 7
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