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트립 모먼트

쿤밍,추천 트립 모먼트
나트랑 빈펄 리조트
Nha Trang and the high cost-effective Nha Trang Pearl Paradise

Nha Trang Pearl Paradise has the reputation of Vietnamese Disney. The ticket price is about 270 yuan. It is much cheaper than the Disneyland tickets. There are various mobile games, 4D. Cinemas, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, although not as fun as Ocean Park and Disney, but the invincible seascape and castle landscape, the photo as the background is first-class, the tourists in the park are basically Vietnamese natives, Russians, Chinese and Koreans, but the ones who feel the most are the motherland. It seems that they are not foreign.
Amusement Raiders:
1, before entering the park, you can get the Chinese map of the park at the ticket office and the cable car. The most important thing is to take a list of the locations and times of various performances. Version).
2, the little partner who is afraid of the sun is recommended to buy the evening tickets after 16:00. We buy tickets for the whole day. I go there early in the morning, I can't get enough, just want to hide in a cool place and sit and rest. . The water park is closed at 18:00. If you want to go to the water park if you buy an evening ticket, it is recommended to go first.
3, remember to bring protective equipment such as sunscreen, sunscreen spray, sun protection clothing, hat, sunglasses, umbrella, etc., Nha Trang's sun-tanned skin is hot.
4, the most people line up is the alpine speeding car, it is recommended to enter the park to go to the queue to play this, if you think it is fun, you can brush two or three.
5, the best VIEWPOINT recommended by the individual has three places. One is the right hand side after entering the park, you can see the Nha Trang Pearl Theatre like a Greek temple; the second is to go left and go down the stairs. It is possible to photograph the super beautiful castle landscape; the third is the Japanese garden near the North African Botanical Garden, where the scenery feels like being in Japan.

It is recommended that you purchase products including round-trip transfers on Trip and other major travel websites in advance. The price is about 287-291 yuan, which is still very cost-effective.

Ticket price:
16:00 before VND 880,000 (about 270 yuan), after 16:00 VND 450,000 (about 139 yuan)
쿤밍,추천 트립 모먼트
후타오샤 계곡
Take the "famous" Tiger Leaping Gorge and go to the place where Shangri-La must pass

Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the deepest canyons in China. The Tiger Leaping Gorge is divided into the Shangri-La section and the Lijiang section. The Shangri-La Tiger Leaping Gorge is a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot. It includes the upper, middle and lower Tiger Leaping Gorge and the high road walking line.

The Yangtze River is surrounded by the two snow-capped mountains of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba. The altitude difference is more than 3,900 meters. The depth of the canyon is in the forefront of the world. The narrowest part is only about 30 meters, especially in the During the rainy season, when the rain is heavy, the water vapor of the Jinsha River is like a rainbow, which is spectacular.

Practical information

A jump trail of about 2 kilometers on the cliff of Tiger Jump is suitable for a small family trip. There are two viewing platforms in the
scenic area, where you can watch the tiger jumping stones that beat the river in the river.
is different from the wild and fun of Shangri-La Tiger Leaping Gorge. The facilities here are complete, the plank road is smooth and easy to play.
If you are physically weak, you can also take the rickshaw in the scenic spot. You can take 2 people per car, about 60 yuan per car.

The beautiful legend of the Tiger Leaping Gorge

legend Jinsha River, Nujiang, Lijiang and Yulong Mountain, Haba Mountain, was originally a five brothers and sisters. After the three sisters grew up, they didn't want to stay at home all the time, wanted to see the world outside, and hoped to meet their own wishful Lang Jun. However, parents do not want the three sisters to go out, want to let them stay with their own side, in the case of urgency and anger, only Yulong and Haba can chase the three sisters back.

Subsequently, Yulong took thirteen swords, Haba smashed twelve bows, copied the path to Lijiang, sat face to face and waited in turn, and agreed that who had let go of the three sisters would be beheaded. When it was the turn of Haba, Yulong just fell asleep, and the Jinsha girl came. Going to the road was blocked by two brothers, what should I do?

The smart Sands girl remembered that Haba had the problem of falling asleep, and then sang and sang 18 songs. The voice of the turning man really made Haba fascinated and gradually fell asleep. The Sands girl took advantage of this opportunity and finally rushed from the feet of her two brothers and screamed and screamed. Yulong woke up to see this scene, and he was angry and sad. The anger was that the Jinsha girl had gone far. The sad thing was that the Haba brothers were to be beheaded.

He couldnt break the law, took out the long sword and cut Habas head, then turned his back and cried, and the two tears turned into white and black water. Habas twelve bows became the west bank of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. In the twenty-four corners, Habas head fell into the river and became a tiger jumping stone.

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