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269 리뷰
Western Wall Plaza | Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem 97500, Israel
166 리뷰
Suq Khan e-Zeit and Christian Quarter Road. | Christian Quarter, Jerusalem
71 리뷰
| Entry for Non-Muslims from the Western Wall Plaza during opening hours., Jerusalem, Israel
122 리뷰
Mount of Olives Road, east of Jerusalem, Jerusalem

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JOJO’s wonderful trip   
Posted: 2019년 10월 22일
Adam Yue   
There is no piece of land in the world that has always been filled with smoke, and no nation is so eager for peace;

There has been a religion that changed the world to change society. The tree of art is rooted here, sprouted, and stalked. Ye Mao has made a lot of achievements; thousands of years of smoky wars have caused people to be displaced and scattered, but they have rejoined because of the same faith and the same dream;
has the most colorful colors in the world, but also in black and white Difficult to move forward;
here here is a beautiful dawn, and will finally witness the new life and rise above the ruins; here is poor, rich here; here is opposite, but also tolerant; here is Israel. When it comes to Israel, you think about Christ, Jewish, and Islam. The Hebrews created the worlds first monotheism, Judaism, and many years later, the great Jesus was born in this magical land, Christianity was born, and the Prophet Muhammad completed important communication with God from here. . When it comes to Israel, you probably think of its mysterious and charming exotic scenery, the passionate Mediterranean, the magnificent Dead Sea, the ancient city of thousands of years of history, the narrow and beautiful coastline of Tel Aviv, the vast desert of Judaea, the forest plain. The canyon desert, the sea Pinghu, every place is beautiful. It is unified and diverse, war is peaceful, and under the cover of the surface is the imprint of history, or vicissitudes or magnificence. It is like a huge and unpredictable mottled glass, which radiates light and heat, attracting people of different races and races from all over the world.
Posted: 2019년 2월 20일
The Purim Festival is a very important Jewish holiday in Israel. There will be a grand revelry in every region, but the Principal Parade will only be held in the small town of Holon in central Israel. This is a carnival feast in Israel. Everyone enjoys it.

When arriving in Holon Town, the parade has not yet begun, but the crowds on both sides of the street have begun to flood in. Even the audience, they are completely unsettled in their own dresses, and they are dressed up in a whimsical way. Even if you don't participate in the parade, it is full of highlights.

The people living on both sides of the street are naturally full of welfare, standing on their own balcony, they can enjoy this feast.
Such a gathering, naturally, will not be less than the cute baby who participated together. In Israel, let us see what is education for children, that is, the company of childhood.

The whole parade is about 3 kilometers. You can choose to watch it in any section. The police will patrol here and control the scene. Everything is so orderly.
With the release of the balloon, the music is ringing, and a feast of 10,000 people begins. All the parades are done by the children of the school. Music, dance, acrobatics, you see more than just festivals. In itself, it is the hope of the entire nation. Various theme shows, the scenes in the animation are presented one by one, the theme of each school is different, the children are jumping in front, the teachers are following behind, hydrating and cooling them. When the parade ended, everyone left the scene in an orderly manner, and the surrounding streets began to be bustling again. Everyone concentrated the beverage bottles and jars into the garbage area.
Posted: 2019년 1월 8일
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