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This time I came to Changsha to stay at Wanda Wenhua Hotel and found that this is not only a comfortable room with a view of the Xiangjiang River! There is also a 24-hour gym and heated pool. In the morning, I explored the top private club Wanda Masters Club, which only members can enter. The various high-end function rooms are probably the favorite of all stars and Sichong. At the Chinese restaurant, you can taste a delicious meal carefully prepared by Hunan cuisine masters. Have to feel a sentence
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창사,추천 트립 모먼트
Orange Island is a famous cultural attraction in Changsha. The transportation here is very convenient. There is a station in Orange Island on the subway line 2. Many tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of the people, in addition to leisure and sightseeing, in 1925. In the youth, Mao Zedong once wrote the first popular "Yuanyuanchun Changsha" in the head of Orange Island. Since then, Orange Island has gained fame in the country. The Xiangjiang River next to the Orange Island is magnificent, especially after the sunset. The sunset is sparkling and makes people feel very romantic. It is also known as the "China's first continent." Orange Island is made up of sandstone. It is named after the citrus. There are few cars and beautiful environment. There are thousands of flowers and vines growing on the Orange Island. The vegetation also makes the air fresh. The many bungalows in Orange Island were quite spectacular in the 1930s. The former foreign merchants also left a rich architectural legacy to the present Changsha. After many years of renovation, the old customs have The house has been demolished, and we can now see more than ten houses in Orange Island. After the transformation, Orange Island has become a beautiful park. The main attractions here are Chau Tau Tsing Orange Pavilion, White Marble Poetry Tablet, Bronze Statue Plaza, Rattan Plaza, Chairman Mao Changyou Xiangjiang Memorial Point, Lan Yueting, and Pillow River Pavilion. Bonsai Garden, Gate Plaza, etc. At different times in Orange Island, different styles of architecture gathered together as if people had entered the old days of the Republic of China.
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