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트립 모먼트

창사,추천 트립 모먼트
Wearing Tibetan clothes in the Jokhang Temple is the best way to travel in Tibet

Jokhang Temple, is the end of the pilgrimage of Tibetan Buddhism, the sacred of the Jokhang Temple, not inferior to the Potala Palace, located in the octagonal The core area of the street.

You can often see pilgrims licking their heads at the entrance of the Jokhang Temple. It shows that the status of the Jokhang Temple in the eyes of the Lhasa people is high, and more people are turning around the Jokhang Temple every day. It can be seen that the Jokhang Temple, a Tibetan Buddhist temple with a history of more than 1,300 years, is in the hearts of Tibetans.

Tickets: 85 yuan (can only be paid in cash)

The area of Jokhang Temple is not very large. If you visit it yourself, you can visit it in 10 minutes, but please ask a tour guide. It is quite fun to listen to the history of the Jokhang Temple. Also be sure to ask a tour guide to explain, we are a tour guide outside the Jokhang Temple, one person 50 yuan, each person sends a headset.

Wearing Tibetan clothes in the Jokhang Temple is the best way to integrate into the local Tibetans. After a few laps at the Jokhang Temple, I will involuntarily recall the six-word mantra. Its hard to have such a calm time in the middle of the week, so that I can calm down and think about the meaning of life and the true meaning of life.

Of course, the Jokhang Temple is also the best place to take pictures. No matter where you go, there are red wall yellow wall background decoration, wearing bright Tibetan clothes to take pictures, all are big.
창사,추천 트립 모먼트
Tibetan clothing photo Raiders | Put on Tibetan clothes, do the most beautiful girl on the streets of Lhasa

[attached to the camera Raiders ]

finally received this group of pictures in Lhasa! !
Heart Living in the Potala Palace, I am the biggest king of the snowy area
wandering in the streets of Lhasa, I am the most beautiful lover in the world"

come to Tibet has always wanted to wear a Tibetan clothing to shoot a group of Tibetan most beautiful The photo

then started this trip in Lhasa h

[Tibetan clothing photo guide]

first contact the local area in advance Photo studios where you can rent clothes. There are many such places in the area. The quality is uneven. You can look at the samples they provided.

I saw this before I went to Tibet. Like their photo style ~ they have more types of clothing than the average studio!

Later, I chatted with Miss Zhao, who knew that these Tibetan clothes were carefully selected by myself. The wigs of the wigs were also compiled by myself. I can see that I was very careful in taking pictures

clothing style/ Hh /
Tibetan clothing to stack several layers, and finally to take off the sleeves of Tibetan robes, is the local Tibetans wearing the ~

headwear super important! ! Wearing the wig and the accessories in front of the forehead is totally two feelings - seeing yourself in the mirror after dressing up, narcissistic saying ~ really surprised.



This group of photos was taken in Lhasa downtown landmark - Jokhang Temple & Bajiao Street

There are many photos special Amazing place! For example, the prayer wheel, the unique yellow bricks in Tibet, the ancient mottled stone gates...

photo time

Lhasa sunset time is about 7pm, and it is sunny all day long. So the light is especially filming!

Photo props

I was also the first time to take the Tibetan costume, so I was completely inexperienced on how to shoot~ I was very nervous about asking the photographer Miss sister

photographing Know how to enter the state, you can bring some national wind props

For example, hand-held prayer wheel, big red shawl, national wind mask ... hands have these pictures supernatural!

Photographing posture

hands and fingers together praying devoutly, you can also go through the prayers, inadvertently look at the camera, bow your head to the prayer wheel...

these Photographing postures are all my usual

In fact, when I wear the Tibetan clothes, I walked on the streets of Lhasa and integrated into the local life. I feel like I am coming~

!! Notes

Photographing at the Jokhang Temple cannot be contrary to local customs.
The prayer tube must not be facing down, and it should be taken straight in hand!
The road that can't block the pilgrims when taking pictures at the prayer wheel
These are the beliefs of the locals
창사,추천 트립 모먼트
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