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Britain|Want to fall in love in Cambridge, Cambridge Day Tour Raiders This trip to the UK, Cambridge is a must-have place. When I was young, I knew Cambridge because of Newton, and because of Byron and Russell. Of course, the most profound is the Cambridge IELTS book. Transportation From London to Cambridge, the journey takes about 1 hour. We are buying tickets directly at the station. It is said that it is cheaper to buy tickets on the website in advance. Attractions: When we went to the exam period, many colleges were closed, only to the King's College Chapel, and the Business School. [King's College] The place to buy tickets is in the store opposite the main entrance Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9:30-16:30 Change, you have to check it online in advance. The King Academy Chapel is a model of English Gothic architecture. The fan-shaped vaulted ceiling inside the chapel is very beautiful. The painting on the altar is Rubens's The Magi. [Cambridge Business School] Passing by, so I went in and looked at it. The interior architectural styles are very modern, and I feel that I have not tried to become a schoolmaster every time. [Tailing] Cambridge rafting can't be missed. There are two ways: 1. Plan your own, up to 5-6 people, row your own boat, the price is about 24 pounds a boat, and people are more cost-effective. 2. There is a small brother rowing, the price is about 17 pounds a person, you can listen to some explanations, we two people choose this. [dinner] Browns restaurant on Trumpington Street, this is an old English
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