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타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
[Guangzhou Exploration Store, this exquisite and affordable afternoon tea recommended by the net red]
CAFE hidden in the CBD apartment, the key recommendation [Matcha mousse] is delicious and tearful. Sweet, especially fragrant, just be sure to come to this cake for the second time! [Gourmet Shooting Tips] Be sure to take a layer of sandwiches inside.
In addition to espresso coffee, there is also a single product coffee. Today only Emerald and Yeka Snowfield, Yage Snowfield is my favorite, Emerald I am very strange to the manor beans. After I communicated with the barista, I couldnt make up my mind. He said that its better to show you the beans~ I still smelled the old Yega Xuefei, and there are ice drops in the store. It is still 24 in advance. Hours are scheduled, but they said that they have not had sun-dried beans recently, and will not enter again after a while.
I happened to meet the store and then gave a new promotional photo of [Macaron]. I was exposed first, and the sweetness was matched with a single product coffee
[shooting skills] coffee shop on the high floor, afternoon The sun is just right, as long as it is a sunny day to shoot desserts are super suitable, [key] overshoot must be sitting in the window.
Then I also tried the new Christmas cake - [], in fact, I can't accept the color matching of red and green. If it is not a friend, I think I might not have a surprise. The delicious taste, the first time, the friend is a "wow", from the aroma of the nuts and the rich taste mix together, is also a good afternoon coffee companion!
per capita 30-40, the price is very good in Zhujiang New Town, recommended!
타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
Taichung "net red one sister" Miyahara ophthalmology

Miyahara ophthalmology can be said to be Taichung "net red sister", lined up to buy ice cream and the self-portrait after buying, and even if you do not buy Lets take a look at the photo shooters who are struggling to walk around this red brick retro house. Speaking of the origin of this dessert shop, it is necessary to start from its name. In 1927, Dr. Miyahara, a Japanese ophthalmologist, established Miyahara Ophthalmology, which was the largest eye clinic in Taichung. In 1945, Japan defeated, Dr. Miyahara returned to Japan, and it became a Taichung Health Center. However, with the changes of the times, the old and fallen health centers gradually became dangerous buildings, and became weeds in the September 21 earthquake. The ruins of the bushes.
The Sunrise cake team, which is famous for its pineapple cakes in Taiwan, bought it here and found famous architects and monument restoration experts to jointly create this small building. Into the small building, the retro nostalgic wind blowing from the face, the row of counters facing the road is the place to buy ice cream, you can choose the snacks on it, there is a hole in the sky, both sides deliberately become the "magic school" style, high High bookshelves and wooden staircases, a variety of hand-held gifts on the first floor, all retro-packed, each one wants to buy and buy! Upstairs is a tabletop restaurant. If you are eating upstairs, you don't have to queue for ice cream.

Address: No. 20 Zhongshan Road, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
LiAn Zhang
타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
닝샤 야시장
Taipei Ningxia Road Night Market

Taipei is really fun, but I still miss Taichung. This feeling is very strong when I go to the night market for food at night. Ningxia Road Night Market, people love and hate, love it is simple and rude, along the Ningxia Road lined up two rows of shops, hate it a lot of shops have to queue long, eating something difficult.
Address is on the Ningxia Road in Datong District. It is very eye-catching. The business hours are from 5pm to 1am every day. In fact, the night market is very much in Taiwan. It is difficult to tell where the best is. The total Shilin has let me down, and the place is far away. I don't like it very much. Ningxia night market is not bad. I have eaten for two days, and it is said that it was voted as the best, the best, and the most environmentally friendly. The biggest difference between the night market and other places is that uniform stainless steel cutlery is used here.
Liu Weizi egg yolk cake, 25 Taiwan dollars without egg yolk, 30 egg yolk, the Taipei Michelin guide, another Michelin recommended shop is pig liver Rongzi.
Lin Kee burned the potato, the taste of the roasted potato is unforgettable. Whether it is peanut or sesame, everything is delicious. I think I can eat ten more.
Lin Kee spicy stinky tofu, my favorite, no one. I have been remembering this taste for more than ten years in Taiwans night market. I came to the night market to find it, hot stinky tofu and duck blood, with hand-made bean skin, sweet and refreshing, and endless aftertaste. There is a lot of people in the next door, and it is said that it is the most famous snack in Ningxia Night Market. There is no place and no stomach, so let everyone eat and see.
LiAn Zhang
타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
사포웨이 비펑부두
Where are you? In South Korea.
[Xiamen Xinjin Net Red Store | Pretending to be in Korea]
Coordinates No. 86, Shapo University Road, Restaurant on the second and third floors, everywhere It is a red photo point, a gathering place for little fairies.

"Korean fried chicken"
How can I not eat fried chicken in Korea! The main restaurant is simmering, crispy and tender outside, and the house is full of fragrance, very satisfied with the taste of garlic! Dipping sauce with yellow mustard sauce and ketchup, as well as smiling smiley potato cake ~

"net red pasta"
pasta can also have invincible girl heart! ! The crystal clear pink, like a graceful girl... with a hint of creamy taste with a hint of sweetness, is the sweetness of the beet head. With the delicate fish and not overwhelming the main ~

"Strawberry cheese cover"
high value drinks, strawberry granules full, sweet taste at the moment of the entrance. The perfect collision between the milk cap and the strawberry smoothie has drawn this wonderful winter.

"West Pomelo Pomelo"
The bright orange is bright, the smoothie is from shallow to deep from top to bottom, and the fullness of the grapefruit juice is full, and the sweetness is sour. The taste is very suitable for fried chicken.

"Beef kimchi bibimbap"
No bibimbap, not Korean. The sun egg illuminates the whole bibimbap, the sausage beef seaweed kimchi is evenly stirred, and the slightly spicy taste is quite full. Personally think that the taste is too light.

70 yuan per person, it is worth a try. There is also a super cute Samoyed in the store, especially a relative, just want to take home~
타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
standing in front of the restaurant, as if crossing the Hong Kong, the restaurant facing the front of the street, a "matchbox" is arranged neatly on both sides of the street, rising high, forming these bustling streets The appearance of the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of life, as if walking along the distant past, connecting each era together, constitutes the coexistence of old and new, let people traverse in the historical time and space. Perhaps the lights in the restaurant can illuminate the stunning hustle and bustle.

is also a fate. At first, I just thought that the appearance can be described as simple. I have to wait three hours to get the number to enter the store. I want to queuing and try to taste, but I know that Im out of control. The land is in love, the store environment is a simple tea restaurant style, the first floor of the left hand side of the roasting area, the right hand side of the bread area, the checkout counter, the second floor of the elegant room of the Hong Kong-style ice room decoration, the wall is a locomotive seat In the middle is a square table with 4 seats. The menu was placed under the glass on the table, just seated, and the waiter came up and asked what he needed. Looking at the posters on the wall, it turned out to be the most traditional propaganda method in Hong Kong tea restaurant. At this time, I was already interested in making a big hair. I just ordered a nostalgic red bean ice to taste the taste. The ice is more prominent than the red bean. The sweetness is moderate and the taste is smooth. Slip naturally, nothing to be picky.

#Crisp Fried Fresh Milk# The taste is rich and the taste is endless. The thin flour is wrapped in milky milk cake. The crispy gold, the mouth is instant, the oily light is overflowing, and the crispy milky milk of the long-lasting milk can hold my stomach firmly.

# salted egg yolk frog #, has always been its star product, it is said that 99% of people who have eaten will buy back. The mellow egg yolk coat is blowing in the face, the egg yolk locks the fleshy water, the entrance sand is not scattered, the frog meat is crispy and tender, and the salty and light seasoning is just right, which greatly preserves the deliciousness of the bullfrog itself, one by one, I cant stop it at all, and I cant help but let my bullfrogs control their happiness.

# Egg Shrimp Fried Shrimp #Soft and tender egg wrapped in fresh and crispy shrimp, so tempting and worthy of the name.

#Signature Black Pepper Sauce Pork Chop Fried Double Egg Rice # Wall recommended, at first glance, I feel that the weight is quite large, but when I eat it, I know what it is called. In the soft black pepper sauce, a large pile of piglets was caught. Double egg scented with black pepper juice, slightly sweet with a little salty, tender and juicy, very delicious, and the weight is particularly good.

## The taste is smooth and delicious, sweet but not greasy. In the hot summer, I came to a bowl of what is really called human nectar.
Blue Tulip
타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
When you walk into the restaurant on the second floor, you are greeted by a Western style, lamenting the pleasantness and exquisiteness of the environment, full of beautiful style, business dining, family gatherings, dating couples. The choice.
In this restaurant, you can spend up to 350 yuan for free parking for 1 hour, spend 700 yuan for free parking for 2 hours, and so on. Out of the hotel 2nd floor elevator, step into the door of The MEAT restaurant, there is a restaurant staff smile and say hello, welcome me to the seat, hand over the menu, since it is a steak restaurant, of course, the steak, the waiter also asked intimately, The rhythm of serving is put in place, and the withdrawal is just right.
#Pre-dinner bread and snacks #The pre-dinner bread of the family is a combination of two varieties of baguette and pita, and there are 6 varieties of dipping sauce, and the deep diners are full of praise. Among them, Italian vinaigrette is rare in the starter bread seasoning. Bread and pita are crunchy and eat best when hot.
# Hot Spring Egg Caesar Salad # Egg white is not yet solidified, with the hotel's homemade salad dressing, the mouth is not greasy, it is in line with modern health and health food.
#,, # Use red cabbage to render buckwheat into red, crispy after frying, with foie gras and beef. The happiest days of life have also been touched.
##The oysters that are imported every time in the sky, when you enter the entrance, please close your eyes. The sea-flavored home of the sea is fresh and sweet, and spreads from the tip of the tongue to the whole mouth and tastes its home. Oysters, other oysters are instantly boring, and then add a spoonful of top caviar to a oyster, and experience the culinary journey of happiness.
#Fried crab patties #The golden frying of the surface layer, biting down a hint of soft crab meat, chewing the tender "meat" feeling, the satisfaction can be traversed.
#Steak ## The Australian Tomahawk steak, the name is very domineering, watching the drooling, the five-cooked meat is bloodshot, but the blood smell is very slight, except for a little bit of red meat in the middle. They are all tan, fat and thin, and they are especially fragrant after roasting. The waiter will cut the steak and cut the beef on the bone and set it aside. Then cut into small pieces and send it into the mouth, tender and juicy, the entrance. That kind of satisfaction is really difficult to describe, only knowing it by yourself.
Blue Tulip
타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
Turkish food collection, you can't miss it!

Turkey has a wide variety of dishes and is world famous. When you travel in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, forget the well-known international fast food chain and experience the real Turkish food.

!! The first is always the world famous Turkish barbecue!
NO.1 Rotate the barbecue, which is called kebab in Turkish barbecue. The meat is really delicious. It is divided into chicken, lamb, and beef. I personally like to eat chicken. My friend loves to eat beef.
This can be made into meat rolls, patties, and bread. The various kinds of cakes and rolls and breads in Turkey are very fragrant. They are not tasteless. They are very chewy. After ordering the barbecue in the restaurant, the waiter will help you with a lot of starter food, the bread, the cake and the like, and the food can't be stopped.
NO.2 / / / / h 3 fiber barbecue
This is like a scallop in seafood, outside is a shell, inside is meat. There are two ways to cook this kind of barbecue. One is to put it in the shell and bake with the rice, and the other is to take the meat out and mix it with the flour.

!! Turkish ice cream
Jay Chou's new album has a song called "Turkish ice cream"
lyrics is "Turkish ice cream, like a woman's heart, turn around in front of you, but uncertain." It is seen from this sentence that Jay Chou must come to Turkey to eat ice cream often. Because the people of the country are too playful, selling an ice cream will also play acrobatics in front of you. Whenever you think he is going to hand it to you, he will not give it. I also buckled the ice cream to scare you, but it will not fall at all. The natives of the country are not tired of this kind of acrobatics, so I usually don't dismantle him to cooperate with him. The Turkish ice cream is really delicious. Basically, there are 4 balls in the 5 lira, vanilla chocolate, strawberry, mango and everything. I don't know how Turkey's ice cream is done, how can it be so chewy. The usual ice cream is eaten by the cockroach. This can be chewed and eaten. It is so elastic and delicious. Every day, you must punch a local ice cream. There are also a lot of delicious ice creams sold in convenience stores and supermarkets.

!! Rice pudding
Turkish rice pudding, milk is particularly strong, sweet and not greasy, there are meters inside. I ate twice, and the taste is still unforgettable.
타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
Blue Tulip
타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
Chengdu food | Jinli, Good place to go shopping. All the way to eat and play, just passing through the big hot pot restaurant, we went to the door and moved, the smell of butter in the store was too fragrant, so I temporarily changed my mind and decided to eat hot pot tonight!

This hot pot restaurant is quite good! In Jinli's scenic alley, I thought the price would be more expensive. When I look at the menu, there are 2 people to buy a package, only 168 yuan! So I ordered the meal properly. After eating it, the taste is very good. Strong Amway gives the babies who are playing in Chengdu Jinli.
The decoration style of the shop is the strong culture of the Bayu culture, antique, and at 7:30 in the evening there is a Sichuan folk performance in the big theater. While eating hot pot, watching the performance, dancing, changing face, very comfortable .
If you can't eat spicy baby, you can order the shabu-shabu, and the red pot and white pot can be switched freely. When I put on the pot, my saliva can't stop! After pouring the bottom soup, the smell of the butter pan immediately overflowed. Her family's crispy meat is very delicious, so I can order a padded stomach when I wait for the pot to open.

Recommended dishes:
fresh goose must! Under the seven or eight, the taste is crisp and tender.
Hot pot four spells have the most classic four dishes, very suitable for two people. Every one can taste it.
The noodle beef is also very delicious. It can be cooked in a boiling pot for a few minutes, and the beef is very tender.
Shrimp mushroom slippery, a dish with very good value, mushrooms covered with shrimp slippery, entrance Q bomb.
There is also a grass boat borrowing arrows is also a dish with the characteristics of the Bayu, which is crispy county liver.
In general, her family's dishes are fresh and full of weight. Located in the scenic area, you can watch the show and eat hot pot, the price is super high.

Per capita: 80 yuan
Address: No. 13, Wuyi Lane, Jinli Phase II, No. 231 Wuhouyi Street.
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