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'양명산 국립공원' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 5월 7일

What Yangming Mountain is right is Caoshan Mountain, besides grass is mountain, there are Red 5, monkeys and bison). And I also said funnily "When I go back to teach foreign students the word "in the clouds and mists", I will tell them to come to Yangming Mountain and understand it immediately". I can understand their feelings, because I can really feel the feeling of disappearing in the next second on the mountain, the inconvenience and even some fear. But life on Yangming Mountain is also a kind of fresh beauty. Through the lover's slope to the back hill of the school, the mist disperses, the sky shows blue, dew wets on the grass, the fragrance of birds and flowers intertwined with the sound of reading aloud, reading about Wang Yangming, Zhongshan Tower, the official residence of scholar-bureaucrats, which spans three decades, occasionally in the evening can not be avoided. Surprise. In fact, Yangming Mountain is very beautiful.

양명산 국립공원
양명산 국립공원
양명산 국립공원
양명산 국립공원
양명산 국립공원
양명산 국립공원
양명산 국립공원
양명산 국립공원

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