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작성일: 2018년 8월 18일

It's cloudy on August 14. On the other side of Xingping Town, Yangshuo County, an inn in a fishing village is about 3 kilometers away from Xianggong Mountain. Among them, 2 kilometers are rural roads that have not yet been built, which are pitted and depressing. The cars can not drive fast. It takes 40 minutes to drive these two kilometers, and then 5 minutes to drive the built road to the entrance of the scenic spot. A nine-seat Golden Cup van was packed for 280 yuan. Starting at 4:30 p.m. before dawn, we bumped all the way to the entrance of the scenic spot. We bought tickets at 60 yuan per person. Then we climbed the mountain for about 20 minutes. The steps were repaired well and there were street lights. To the viewing platform, many people have gathered, many photography enthusiasts occupy a favorable position, set up long guns and short guns, waiting for the Oriental confession. The sunrise is 6:11, the direction of the horizon sunrise is always cloudy, about 6:25, the morning glow through the clouds, set off against the mountains, the beautiful oh. Damei Lijiang River here turns a big bend around the graceful peaks of the circle dance stunning the world, this is the "First Bay of the Lijiang River" absolute beauty. To tell you the truth, there are two places to visit the Lijiang River. One is to watch the sunrise in Xianggong Mountain, the other is to watch the sunset in Laozhai Mountain. If you don't go anywhere else, it's all pits. You don't discuss the pits. What ten-mile Gallery (this is a big pit). Every so-called scenic spot has to buy tickets, which are expensive and worthless, West Street (that is, commercial street, no special features). Electric bamboo raft swims on the Lijiang River (a Wharf in Xingping Town buys tickets (98 yuan per person). The bamboo raft drives very fast. It turns around and returns to Jiuma Painting Mountain. Later, I know that I have to tip rafters. You can drive slowly. There are some explanations for the scenery on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. It's impossible to go to Guilin without visiting the Lijiang River. )


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