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'항저우만 해상꽃밭' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 3월 11일

Take advantage of the weather to walk a lot, and in a few days the flowers in the sea flower fields will be blooming.

항저우만 해상꽃밭
항저우만 해상꽃밭
항저우만 해상꽃밭
항저우만 해상꽃밭
항저우만 해상꽃밭
항저우만 해상꽃밭

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작성일: 2018년 9월 29일
It's sunflower blooming season, almost every year I go to all places to look for sunflower scenic spots, this year I want to recommend Hangzhou Bay Sea Flower Field to you, because there are several varieties of sunflower here, and sunflower here in addition to yellow, there are a variety of colors. Windmill Flower Sea is near the entrance of the attraction, where there will be a variety of colors throughout the year. Flowers are in full bloom. Now is the perfect time to appreciate sunflower blooming. There are also sunflower seas here. There are several large sunflower seas in the Hangzhou Bay Sea Flower Field Scenic Area. It's quite rare that the sunflower here is different from the single sunflower that you go to see every year. There are many varieties of sunflower here. The color and appearance of sunflower are also different. The series of toy bears, lotus lanterns, masquerade balls and Van Gogh are all different. It's the first time to see so many kinds of sunflower when it grows so big. We also found in the Sunflower Garden side of the net red dessert shop now common with fruit - foreign girls, the original green time they so delicate. After enjoying the sunflower, I went to the kart race nearby. Hangzhou Bay Sea Wave Card Club is located in Hangzhou Bay Sea Flower Field Scenic Area. The camp of container building is to better protect this land. Before playing, there will be coaches who will give professional guidance and explanations on kart driving to all the players. Playing a few rounds of karting, the physical energy consumption is still a bit big, but also to the meal point, there are water restaurants in the scenic area, each water cabin is a restaurant box, I think it will be more luxurious. We are more economical, lunch barbecue, self-start, after a full barbecue, a row by row after a full meal is riding. The couple took care of them and tidied them up in a particularly neat and clean way. Sitting in the office for a long time, I haven't slipped on the horse's back for a long time, but the horse here is really obedient, and the saddle is very comfortable, and soon adapted to it. I didn't want to run, but I felt that the horse was good, especially safe. After half a circle, I let it run and found some feeling of "galloping on the sand field". Near the horse farm, there is a secret garden, like a fairy tale world for the princess, full of girls'hearts. In the woodland grass, I found a dwarf waiting for me. When I arrived at Taofang, I just stopped and made a souvenir for myself. The price of a single pottery experience is 15 yuan. When a pile of rotten soil becomes like an antique in his hands, he feels full of accomplishment. In the last days, there is a special flavor on the boat lake. The tourist center is located opposite the scenic spot, which has a huge parking lot. Shaoxing cuisine is very delicious, such as braised crucian carp, dried plum vegetable, braised wing root, tomato scrambled eggs and fried green vegetables. The simpler the dishes, the more sincere the canteen master can feel. What I am particularly pleased about is that I have eaten a thousand childhood memorabilia dishes here that I haven't eaten in years - mildew, grandmother's kitchen. I have to eat them. Find a place to write the canteen full of good reviews.
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