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'마오쯔펑 린창' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 12월 29일

It's early December. It's just the right time to go. It's all yellow. After three days, I went to Pingtian Town to see the thousand-year-old Ginkgo biloba trees. It was a pity that the tree was golden and not so beautiful as the sunshine when the weather was bad and the weather was cloudy and cold. Fortunately, in the open eyes of heaven, the last day at Hanfeng Forest Farm, when the last day to go, finally the clouds dispersed, clear sky, sunshine under the apricot leaves are really golden, beautiful, indeed, it is the best when the weather is good! There is also Haofeng Forest Farm, in fact, there is a small parking lot at the gate of the ticket check, no charge, the parking lot at the foot of the hill, as long as you do not enter the toll gate, parking the surrounding space, are not charged, local heroes can ignore Haha, give you a reference Haha! It would be better if the tickets were more favorable. It's worth seeing.

마오쯔펑 린창
마오쯔펑 린창
마오쯔펑 린창
마오쯔펑 린창
마오쯔펑 린창
마오쯔펑 린창

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