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'깜퐁 플럭' 리뷰


작성일: 2012년 7월 29일

Floating Village and Flooded ForestWe wanted to see a floating village which is pretty much a village on stilts, it was about a half hour tuk tuk ride out of Siem Reap. It was an amazing sight. Seeing the people go about their daily lives in a home above water was such a learning experience. They have floating shops and restaurants. We stopped at one cafe and had something to drink. I realized that it was their home as well and they welcomed us back to take a look. It looked to sleep about 6 people, I saw a newborn baby sleeping in a hammock out back. I can see the water through the floorboards. After going through the floating village, they took us on a smaller row boat into the flooded forest. It is exactly how it sounds. We are in water looking at the top of trees as the water level is so high, the trees are under water. This side trip is a must and a great break after seeing the dozen temples around Angkor.

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