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'카이푸쓰' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 8월 26일

Small and delicate ancient temple, convenient transportation, 10 yuan ticket, strong environmental awareness in the temple, all incense is concentrated in the burning tower, when entering the temple, three pillars of incense, incense before entering the hall. It's good to remind you that firecrackers are not allowed and no incense is needed.


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작성일: 2017년 2월 2일
Founded in the late Tang Dynasty of the Five Dynasties, it is a famous Taoist site of Linji Sect of Zen. I came by taxi, so I don't know other modes of transportation. It coincides with the Spring Festival. There are temple fairs in front of the gate, with snacks and incense as the main items. Facing the gate, there is a vegetarian vegetarian restaurant. It tastes good. Kaifu Temple has a ticket of 10 yuan, and the entrance is the statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva, surrounded by pools on both sides. Crossing the bridge is the main building complex. Now it is the seat of Hunan Buddhist College and the monastery of Nishi. Several halls, the Three Sacred Halls, the Grand Hall and the Pilu Hall, all have beautiful and solemn Buddhist statues. In time for the Dharma Church, dozens of Nishi gathered in the Palace of Great Tragedy, the voice of the Sanskrit, and several Buddhist monks knelt before the Buddha piously. Interestingly, there are two big dogs, who are also honestly lying beside them, probably adopted by the monastery. When I went out, I accidentally bumped into a big dog. I apologized. It just looked back at me. The small monk statues in the courtyard have many shapes, and they are so naive that many people can't help taking pictures. On the left side of the main entrance, there is also a vegetarian restaurant, mainly open-air meals. Because the temple fair in front of the gate can not be effectively viewed, so the picture of the gate can be used for reference by the network. Overall recommendation.
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