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'제주신화월드' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 1월 9일

Eat: I was surprised to have Anhui cuisine from Greater China on Jeju Island, Korea. No surprise? (Of course, Asian Food Street also has local cuisine, Southeast Asian cuisine, daily food and so on, no longer need to barbecue every day, seafood pan!!) Quietly, there is a star father here!!! Stay: Marriott Hotel, the room is very comfortable, toiletries are Thann Thai brand, about this brand Baidu Ha!! Mini bar provides all kinds of drinks and water, and there is a bottle of Perrier, free!! Every day add oh!! Everyday! Every day!!! OK: After landing, there is a relevant counter at the airport (reaching Hall Gate 1) which can exchange free tickets with hotel reservation information and take the bus to the theme park directly, saving a small sum of money. There are shuttle buses between hotels and theme parks, which is very convenient. Travel: Take a free shuttle bus at the entrance of the hotel, and you can get to the Myth theme park in 5 minutes. The whole park is not big. There are more than 10 amusement projects, which are designed with Korean animation characters as the theme. The roller coaster inside is still very exciting. You must try it when you come. There is also an outdoor ice skating rink, 7000 won/hour (including equipment rental). Buy: The downstairs of the hotel is a duty-free shop. It seems that it's just opened. It's not very big, but there are basic things. Not very sensitive to the number, the specific market we come to their own blood to see ha!! There is also an Innisfree at the entrance of the theme park, which has a complete range of varieties. It is highly recommended!! _________ Entertainment: There is a nice bar in the Asian Food Street. The atmosphere is very good.


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