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'데스 밸리 국립공원' 리뷰


작성일: 2020년 3월 6일

그랜드캐니언 데스밸리미국의 3대 캐니언 중 두곳평생 한번은 꼭 가야 할 버킷리스트지나온 삶 그리고 앞으로의 삶다시 생각하게 만들어 드립니다

데스 밸리 국립공원
데스 밸리 국립공원

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작성일: 2016년 2월 1일
Hot Valley National Park, known as the Earth's Architecture Penetration, has a rather thrilling name - Valley of Death! Furnace streams, bad lands, sand dunes, and the worst water and salt fields in the United States are all filled with mysterious and confusing scenery, which is empty and difficult to find life. People love and fear it. It is the extreme place of the lowest elevation in the Western world - below 285 feet (the world's first lowland is the Dead Sea: - 400 feet, and Death Valley is the second). The rarest is its peculiar geological features: dunes, sandstones, colored rocks, craters, salt lakes, one of which is undisturbed. The summer climate here is very hot, beat an egg on the road and cook the poached eggs immediately.In 1927, it set a record of 136 degrees Fahrenheit (equivalent to 56.7 degrees Celsius) in the Western Hemisphere, which is also the highest ground temperature recorded so far in the world. Dead Valley National Park, with 13,600 square kilometers, is the largest national park in the United States, with more than 1 million visitors each year. We shuttle in this vast and cold beauty, enjoy the visual and spiritual cleansing at will, indulge in reverie... Death Valley is a valley formed by faults, the surface is snow, the bottom is salt. Pay attention to the white salt on the ground and the sea level markings on the mountains. This is the lowest point in the world. The Dead Sea is located in the desert valleys of California and Nevada in the western United States. What Americans call desert is actually Gobi. On the Gobi Desert of the Dead Sea, some sandy land also grows dense green plants. It's really a rarity. It's the hottest, lowest and driest place in the world. The annual rainfall is only 2-4 mm.
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