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'코코넛 궁전' 리뷰


작성일: 2014년 7월 24일

Then, walk to the famous and distinctive coconut uterus. More than 70% of coconut uterus materials come from coconut trees, which fully reflects the architectural wisdom and superb skills of Filipinos. Drinking fresh coconut juice in the coconut uterus, walking in the coconut tree, comfortable and leisurely, for the coconut juice here can not help but praise!

코코넛 궁전
코코넛 궁전

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작성일: 2016년 6월 16일
After many visits to the Philippines, Manila's scenic spots have been almost all visited, along Manila Bay to the coconut uterus, close to the cultural center, 100 pesos ticket, including guides, language only in English. At that time, no one came to visit, so the tour guide was a one-to-one service, while explaining and enthusiastically helping me take photos, very nice. The coconut uterus was built with coconut trunks, coconuts and leaves as raw materials in 1978, invested by 37 million pesos during Marcos'reign. However, because of its high cost and luxury, it has not actually been inhabited by politicians. Now it is only the "Coconut Museum" because of its beautiful environment, and it is also the most famous wedding resort in the Philippines. As the world's unique coconut landscape architecture, coconut uterus has two floors, a distinctive hexagonal roof, and a polygonal swimming pool in the middle. Its project is huge, using 2,000 coconut trees over 70 years old. The roof is made of coconut boards, the pillars are made of coconut trunks, the walls are "coconut bricks" made of coconut shell wool fibers and cement, and the doors are inlaid with geometric patterns of more than 4000 coconut shells. There are countless coconut products in the Palace - "The dining room has a 36-foot table with 47,000 coconut shells of different shapes inlaid on it, and many beautiful lamps and chandeliers are made of coconut shells. The most wonderful exhibit in the coconut uterus is a large landing bell up to 2 meters high, which is made of coconut trees and coconut shells. This unique "coconut bell" travels accurately. Every time it strikes the time, visitors can hear the crisp sound of tapping coconut shells. Latest Intelligence - "The building is now used as the Vice President's office space and only opens at a very small fixed time. We need to make an appointment to visit.
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