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'중국 청자마을(피운청자문화원)' 리뷰


작성일: 2016년 7월 7일

The origin of the name of dolomite, the connotation and charm of dolomite, when the poem from Mr. Moyan's ancestors "endless white clouds in the dock, no trace in a pool of bright moon fishing", the administrator reused Baiyun and bright moon to show his unwillingness to be bound and noble feelings, and the poem quot of Tao Hongjing, the prime minister in the mountains; what is in the mountains, there are many dolomites on the mountains. You can only be happy with yourself, but you can't send a gift to you. The scenic spot is very close to Longquan City. It can be reached by bicycle for 20 minutes, but it can give people a feeling of being away from the noise. In fact, the scenic spot is a small canyon, clear flow, emerald compelling. From Baiyun Waterfall to Xiazhang Village, a peach garden in the world, the village is small and not very old, but it can make you feel relaxed, as if you find your quiet heart.

중국 청자마을(피운청자문화원)
중국 청자마을(피운청자문화원)
중국 청자마을(피운청자문화원)
중국 청자마을(피운청자문화원)

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