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'메이리다오 온천' 리뷰


작성일: 2019년 2월 10일

The cost-effective ratio is still very high, because it is the Spring Festival, there are many people, but there are large, children and older people are more, take children to recommend to bring slippers and bath towels, children bring some single clothes when they are young, there are many amusement facilities, enough to play for a day. There are many kinds of hot spring water and many facilities for playing with water, which are suitable for different ages. Buffet is normal. You can afford the price. You have to wait in line when you are late. Sweat steaming and other recreational areas are also good, there are also shadow bars, book bars, etc., children have naughty castle, children under 1.2 meters can go to play. Not many facilities, but enough for children to play.

메이리다오 온천
메이리다오 온천
메이리다오 온천
메이리다오 온천
메이리다오 온천
메이리다오 온천
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