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Exploring a new life - Nome Address: Qingdao CBD Central CBD Wanda Plaza Time: Monday to Sunday 10
작성일: 2019년 8월 30일
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칭다오,추천 트립 모먼트
In 2015, the unit was changed and the job was changed. The people around me have come again, come and go. The days are always going on like this, going back and forth, no matter how it is summed up, how to make a promise, and finally life always gives you unexpected plots when you unexpectedly. There are many things in life that are heavy and can't be spoken. But there are good friends, always together. Xiao 8 said that the best friend can say bad things about others in the back; the princess said, fortunately, you have been there. The best friendship is that someone else has you, just like having the best gift. Friends of the university have been arguing in the group. For their various insane gags, my attitude is "what a ghost." At this age, everyone has the pressure of everyone, but some people will say "I miss you" late at night, and then collectively aphasia, just like throwing a stone in the heart of the lake, just sinking into the water. At the end of the year, the red envelope name is "to be always together." Then you said: Yes, always together. Everyone understands that it is just not good at expressing. Once a good colleague waved his hand and said goodbye, the sky is high and the bird is flying. People who have the courage and ability are always admirable. You said that you have feelings, but you can't say it. I said that when the fire is gathering, the stars are full of stars, perhaps the most comfortable way. is still bleak, eternal or falling, gathering or parting, no need to emphasize. Let the world be a demon, and persuade the king to make a cup of wine. I hope that no one can turn back.
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