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The Harbin Restaurant in Qingdao Hanbi House, the late-night canteen, the taste buds of a vegetable and a meal. Like the simplicity of Japanese materials, fresh ingredients do not need too much cooking, retaining the original taste and delicious, the disc is exquisite, it is already very pleasant.

The whole restaurant is very good, everyone is quiet, very quiet and peaceful atmosphere with warm yellow light is very warm. The sashimi is fresh, the small dish is delicious, the flavoring soup is rich and fragrant, the favorite is beef jerky, the beef is not dry and has a hint of sweetness, not oily or greasy; the scallop is also moderately cheese, tempura crispy, and finally eaten Tiramisu, satisfied.

I remembered that my dad used to describe himself in one sentence: then I love seafood, I am afraid of being the son of the sea. [2] I also want to say that I love seafood, I am afraid of being the son of the sea. Daughter!
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The charm of Qingdao is in the old city, and its scenery can be summarized as red tile green trees, blue sea and blue sky, with a strong exotic flavor and fascination. Walking in the old city of Qingdao can be seen everywhere in the quaint old house, but to enjoy the whole picture, you can only go to the top of the mountain. Qingdao Old Town has a park, which is the best place to enjoy the scenery of the old city. This is Signal Hill Park. At the top of Signal Hill Park, there are three red, mushroom-like buildings that can be seen from far away. There are many hills in the urban area of Qingdao, and Signal Hill is the taller one. Signal Hill is 98 meters above sea level. It is close to the sea. It was a place for navigation to and from Jiaozhou Bay more than 100 years ago. The mountain tops hang various signal signs and weather and wind signs every day. Now it is open to tourists. Park. Signal Hill Park tickets are 5 yuan, and the Peak View Observatory charges 10 yuan, which is very good value. The three circular buildings on the top of the mountain, the tallest one in the middle, is the rotating observation deck. Visitors only need to find a chair near the window to sit down, you can change 360 degrees to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the old city. There are many red-roofed houses nearby, and the famous Christ Church is not far below. From the observation deck, the Zhanqiao, Xiao Qingdao Park, Catholic Church, Governor's Mansion and other attractions are unobstructed, and the east is the new city.
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Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city. Due to the special historical reasons of the past, there are many exotic buildings in the old city, which have become the characteristics of this city. There is a Catholic church on Zhejiang Road, one of the most beautiful churches in Qingdao, and the towering tower top attracts countless tourists. Most of the time I came to the Catholic Church, there are new people wearing wedding photos, this is a natural photography base. The church was designed and built by the Germans and was built in 1932. According to the original design of the church, it should have been built to a height of 100 meters, but it was built in the outbreak of World War II. Hitler rigorously circulated the funds of the country. In the case of insufficient funds, he had to modify the drawings to cut costs. The tower was 56 meters high. Even so, this church is the tallest building in Shandong Province before the founding of the People's Republic of China, or the only church in China. The inside of the church can also be visited, but for a fee, the ticket is 10 yuan, it is recommended to go in and have a look. The church covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, the pointed red tower top is very eye-catching, and each of the two towers has a cross of 4.5 meters high. The hall inside the church is 18 meters high and can accommodate thousands of people. It is spacious and bright. Usually at 6 o'clock every day, the mass is Sunday from 8:00 to 9 o'clock. It will be open to visitors after the mass.
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