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Every spring and summer is the best time to eat, so I took time to come to Minyu Village, Sandu County, Weinan, to participate in a lively festival. The hospitable Hmong sisters sang and danced, and the traditional aquarium sergeant in the stockade used their national-specific instruments to beat the rhythmic music. Then I took a small bamboo basket and picked up the fresh oysters on the mountain to find the kind of feeling that I could see the Nanshan under the daisy.
작성일: 2019년 5월 25일
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Xiaoqikong Scenic Area is located in a 12-kilometre long valley in Libo County, Gannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province. It is part of the World Heritage China Karst and is famous for its many waterfalls. In addition, there is a strange landscape in the scenic area - the water forest. Water Forest, as the name implies, is a forest that grows on the water. When we visit it, it is the flood season of Hunchun. We can still see the riverbed. During the summer flood season, the riverbed is flooded by water, and all the trees grow out of the water. same. Xiaoqikong Water Forest is only 600 meters in diameter, but the road between the forests is curved and curved. It takes a two-kilometer walk to complete the journey. The water forest is covered with strange stones, there are trees on the stone, and the trees are deeply rooted in the mud at the bottom of the water. The trees, stones and waters depend on each other to become wonders. Looking from a distance, the green trees in the water forest are like floating on the water. Do they not rotten because of too much water? The answer is no. The water forest is divided into the upper middle and lower sections. The upper and lower sections have higher riverbeds and more water. Visitors can usually walk in the water. The scene of trees floating on the water is most obvious. According to statistics, there are more than a dozen exotic trees in the water forest. These trees have extremely high tolerance water. The more abundant the water, the better the growth.
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