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추천 트립 모먼트
추천 트립 모먼트
뤄양,추천 트립 모먼트
In the dark night, there is no loneliness at all. There are silent Galaxy and shining stars. Stepping on the stone steps step by step, I will come to the Jade Emperor to watch the sunrise and welcome a new and beautiful day~ To climb to the top of the mountain, it takes about 2 hours to experience nearly 4,000 steps. The more you go up, the more beautiful the starry sky above your head. When you climb to more than half of the time, look up and see the Milky Way in front of you clearly visible, as if you are in Iceland, the vastness of the sky gives me an inexplicable illusion. After about 2 hours, we climbed to the top of the mountain. The light from the distant sun has begun to slowly expand. At this time, the Jade Emperor Pavilion is still asleep, and in a moment it will be awakened by the beautiful sunrise. Jade Emperor Top is the elite scenic spot of Baiyun Mountain. It is 2216 meters above sea level. It is named after the peak of the Tiangong Temple and the top is like the crown. It is the highest point of Baiyun Mountain and has the reputation of green heart. It is the viewing of the sea in the Central Plains. A good place for sunrise. On the summit of the peak of the jade, it can be described as "a small view of the mountains", which is an eye-opener, amazing, its natural landscape is mysterious and magical. Standing at the top of the 2211.6-meter-high Baiyun Mountain Jade Emperor, the sunrise, the aura of the heavens and the earth, let people indulge! Mountains, sun, clouds, seemingly can't talk, but use their quietness and integration to shake the hearts of every visitor~
Rachel Yu
뤄양,추천 트립 모먼트
수당성 유적식물원
The peony flower is crowned with a group of fragrant, but the situation is even more king. Four colors become a hundred colors, all kinds of colors are incense. April rewarding flowers at the time, playing the Caroyang Yangshuo Tangcheng Ruins Botanical Garden, the peony flowers bloomed, the color is gorgeous, crossing the ancient capital of the millennium, see the Luoyang peony blossoming! You have seen cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, pear blossoms, and rape blossoms... Dont miss the peony flower in Luoyang! This year's temperature is high, Luoyang peony blooms ahead of time. At present, the peony early flower varieties in various peony gardens in Luoyang have been opened one after another. This year's Luoyang Peony Festival is officially started on April 5th of the solar calendar. It will not end until May 5th. The whole month of flower viewing time can be said to have enough time for the little friends who love peony flowers to enjoy the flowering time. From April 6th to April 10th, the peony flower will be spent. In the period of full bloom, it is expected that the peony mid-flower varieties will enter the full bloom period next week. The peony flower will be in full bloom from April 6th to April 20th. That is to say, this time is a good time for Luoyang peony flowers. Visitors who want to go to Luoyang to see peony flowers must arrange it. Itinerary, so as not to miss the best time period. Time is very good, Ching Ming Festival, Labor Day, May Fourth Youth Day is also within the Luoyang Peony Festival time range, even if it is time to take a break, it is more than enough! The Luoyang peony early flower varieties are mainly peony varieties of red, pink, blue, white and purple. The middle and late flower varieties are mainly peony varieties of yellow, green, black and complex color.
뤄양,추천 트립 모먼트
There is almost no good review of the emperor Liu Xiu, the mausoleum in this small town of Henan, very deserted Luoyang as China's well-known ancient capital, the city has many palace ruins, and there are many royalties around it The mausoleum has now become a tourist attraction. The tomb of Liu Xiu, the emperor of the Han Dynasty, was the small town next to Luoyang. Mengjin, Henan is a small town on the south bank of the Yellow River. It is about 20 kilometers away from downtown Luoyang. The Guangwu Emperor's Mausoleum is located in Baihe Town, Mengjin. This is the tomb of the Hanguang Emperor Liu Xiu and the Guangruo Empress Yin Lihua, but it is relatively deserted. Not many tourists. Liu Xiu is a man of Zaoyang in Hubei Province, and is one of the few good emperors in China's history with almost no bad reviews. He almost started from scratch, and continued the Han Dynasty in the troubled times of the Western Han Dynasty. He founded the Eastern Han Dynasty and settled in Luoyang. He died 33 years later and was buried in the original tomb. Now the tomb has become a local tourist attraction. The original mausoleum was built in the 50th year of AD. It has a history of nearly 2,000 years. It has Shinto, cemetery and brothel, and there are 1458 cypress trees planted in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Extremely rare. Unlike other emperor's back mountain rivers, the south side of the original mausoleum is Lushan, and the back is the Yellow River. The location of the pillow river is unconventional. The west side of the mausoleum is Guangwu. The history of is not long. It was built in 1997 to commemorate the Han Guang Emperor Liu Xiu. It consists of the Guangwu Hall, the 28th Hall Display Hall, the Mountain Gate, and the inverted seat. It constitutes a row of Han Dynasty architectural communities. In the introduction of Guangwu, the Minister of Culture and Civilization who followed Liu Xius life, Liu Xiu was the best emperor of the team that started the business together, and the monarch and the rumor were the best stories. Mengjin is an ancient county with a history of more than 4,000 years. It has the saying "the source of the river map and the root of the humanity". Many major historical events such as the Longma Negative Map, the Fuxi Paintings, and the Eighty-Four Members of the Communist Party have occurred here. . Mengjin has a scenic spot such as the Xiaolangdi Scenic Area in the Yellow River and the Negombo Temple in Longma.
뤄양,추천 트립 모먼트
왕청 공원
China's first ruins park is in Henan, the size of which is equivalent to the Forbidden City in Beijing. It is free to open Luoyang City, Henan Province. As one of the most historic ancient capitals in China, wherever you go, you may find a few under your feet. For the cultural relics of the millennium, if you like historical monuments, Luoyang is a must-go city. Time returned to more than 3,000 years ago, Zhou Wuwang attacked the Shangyu Wang, established the Zhou Dynasty, and considered the construction of a new capital in Luoyang, but Zhou Wuwang soon passed away. The construction of Luoyang City was in Zhoucheng. Completed by the king, Zhou Gong is responsible for the construction. In that year, Zhou Gong built two cities in Luoyang, namely the Wangcheng in the west and the Chengzhou in the east, collectively known as Luojing. Wang Cheng is the seat of the Zhou Dynasty's palace, and Luoyang has become the capital of the Zhou Dynasty, and Luoyang has a park, which was built on the site of the original Zhou Dynasty Wangcheng. Wangcheng Park is one of the most famous parks in Luoyang. It is also the first heritage park in China and the largest comprehensive park in Henan Province. Luoyang Peony is the best in the world. We all know that Luoyang holds the Peony Festival every year, and the birthplace of the Peony Festival is Wangcheng Park. The park is very large, covering an area of 720,000 square meters, which is equivalent to the area of the Forbidden City in Beijing. It takes several hours to complete the tour. Today, Wangcheng Park is free to open and is a good place for locals to enjoy leisure and entertainment. There are different areas such as ancient culture area, peony flower garden, zoo and playground. Wangcheng Park has been built since 1955 and has been inextricably linked to Peony since then. As the park continues to expand, the area and variety of peony is increasing. During the annual Peony Festival, Wangcheng Park became the preferred place to see peony, and the park will charge separately. In the ancient cultural area, there is a river Tuluo book monument based on the legend of "River Out, Luo Yishu". The River Tullow is the origin of Chinese culture. In addition, there is also a music station, which is equipped with chimes, editing and other musical instruments. Today's Wangcheng Park, the most representative is the peony. There are more than 800 varieties of peony in the park, more than 100,000, which is the main venue of the previous Luoyang Peony Fair. Located in the heart of the city, Wangcheng Park is very convenient for transportation and dining.
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