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After dinner, slowly walk toward Daming Lake, pass by the door of Baotu Spring, and follow the Baotu Spring Road to Daming Lake. At this time, the roadside is surrounded by a moat, and the environment is very good. finally came to Daming Lake, and sure enough, every square at the entrance of the attraction could not escape the square dance! The sea otters in Daming Lake have already been opened, and the green tiles are very beautiful. Daming Lake, I dont think I need to introduce too much. Everyone knows that it starts from the Pearl River. It is a lake that is a precious spring in the city center. It is known as the first spring lake in China. Four lotuses on all sides, one city and two half-city lakes are the beauty of the scenery of Daming Lake, and occasionally there is a feeling like the West Lake.
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Jinan is a spring city, and tourist attractions are also dominated by springs. The most famous one is called Baotu Spring, which is known as the first spring in the world. The springs of Jinan merged into a moat, and the moat was brought together in Daming Lake. In fact, there is also a mountain in Jinan, which is also famous for its Baotou Spring and Daming Lake. It is also a famous tourist attraction. This mountain is called Qianfo Mountain. The mountain is located in the south of Jinan City. It is only 285 meters above sea level. It is not majestic, but the mountain is a good place to enjoy the whole picture of Jinan city. Qianfoshan is named after the Buddha. As early as the Sui and Tang Dynasties more than a thousand years ago, Qianfo Mountain was a Buddhist holy place. Qianfoshan is known as Lishan. It is said that he once farmed in Lishan. During the reign of Emperor Huang (AD 581-600), because of the prevalence of Buddhism, thousands of Buddha statues were carved along the mountain, so it was called Qianfo Mountain. These Buddha statues are still preserved and become precious historical monuments. There is a Xingguo Temple on the Qianhu Mountain. It was built in the Tang Dynasty. The Qianfo Cliff with the Buddha statue is located in the Xingguo Temple. There are Sui Dynasty stone Buddhas on Qianfo Cliff, which has a long history and high artistic value. In 1992, another Wanfo Cave was built in Qianfo Mountain, which combines the essence of Dunhuang, Longmen, Maiji Mountain and Yungang National Four Grottoes. Xingguo Temple is one of the most important attractions in Qianfo Mountain, and the biggest attraction is in Qianfo Cliff. From the 7th year of the Emperor's reign (587) to the 15th year of the Emperor's reign (595), there are more than 130 cave statues.
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I went to Jinan, Shandong Province for a weekend trip. I stayed at this new hotel in Jiurushan. I found it at first because the shape of the barrel was so amazing, and there was a red maple tree in the autumn. The scenery was refreshing. As a net red bed and breakfast, like tree houses and glass houses, wooden barrels are their core selling points. Depending on the number of people in the room, you can choose single or double barrels. The scenery in autumn is really good. The shape of wooden barrel is also very suitable for taking pictures. It is a good place for a couple to relax on weekends. Room, because of the limitations of the style, the space is not very big, only a 1.6-meter tatami bed, a bit crowded. There is also a small sofa and bathroom facilities in the house. The sparrows are small, the five internal organs are complete, and the service is considered very comprehensive. My favorite is the terrace by the lake. I can face the sparkling lake in front of me and the verdant grass on the opposite side. The lake and mountains covered by the red leaves are very pleasant. Hotel: Jiu Rushan Hongyan Rong Mu barrel Hotel Reference price: 1600 yuan / starting (including breakfast) Nearby attractions: Hotel is located in Jiuru Mountain Waterfall Scenic Area Adjacent to the seven-star station, one of the most beautiful landmarks in the United Nations, the hotel is free to provide scenic tickets and tour tickets. Transportation: [self-driving] Jinan East Ring Expressway Shanghai direction, under the dragon mouth, turn right into Gangxi Road to Xiying Town, turn left into 327 Provincial Road, east to Jiuru Mountain; [Bus] 312 Road 65, 326, direct to the mountains.
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This Fujioju is located in the scenic area of Jiuru Mountain National Forest Park. There are two shops in the entire property. The first store is located in the depth of the scenic spot, the room is bigger, the configuration is more high-end, and the price is higher; the second store is located at the entrance of the scenic spot, the room type is compact, but the price is more favorable, the usual working day is less than 1,000 yuan, and the weekend stay is only 1299. yuan. Room type is different, the service is just as thoughtful, just after the car, there is a housekeeper to greet, the room has long been air-conditioned, and has a mosquito repellent facility. Only the scenic area is still a lot of tourists during the day, the wooden structure is not soundproof, so the room is not quiet when you check in in the afternoon. But the complete relaxation of the mood is the essence of "weekend light travel", isn't it? Since you can't calm down for a while, walk around and get familiar with the home on this trip. The whole property is a pure wooden building with a sturdy structure, and the interior of the room is also plain and natural. The size of the second room is only 25 square meters, but the layout is not cramped washing products are L'Occitane, high-end room type also has imported snacks to provide shared public space design, It is also a good reflection of the degree of care of a homestay. It can be seen that the operators here have spent a lot of time thinking about it. In addition to the view of the park, the patio has a touch of island wind high living room for friends to enjoy wine tasting and talk. The small game area opposite allows the babies to entertain themselves when they are chatting. Today, it seems that there is no baby to stay, I can only come to the guest list~
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