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Jianyang used to belong to Ziyang City. Due to the new airport, it is now in Chengdu! It is very convenient to travel from Chengdu to an hour! What did you eat at Jianyang? Nature is mutton soup! One of the mutton soups is one of the characteristics of Jianyang. Secondly, when the winter is warm, the cold simmering mutton soup can't be praised again! Punch Jane old shop Ma Houde, there is a branch in Jianyang, but the taste is similar. The mutton soup tastes pure, the lamb and lamb are also very fresh, and the Sichuan cuisine is also great! If you have time, you can go eat and see!
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[Recommended in Chengdu for an hour of leisure vacation, parent-child tour, high cost-effective network red pool hotel recommended] #Chengdu Sancha Lake Long Island Paradise Intercontinental Hotel [Location]# Location:Chengyang Xinmin, Chengdu, Sichuan Province Township West Lake Road traffic: 45 kilometers away from Chengdu, within one hour drive. Hotel Features: Sancha Lake is known as the Xia Qiandao Lake in the back garden of Chengdu. The InterContinental Hotel is located in the water and waters of the lake. Hotel room type: My friend and I booked a superior king room and a superior lake view room. The price is 770+ "Superior Lake Room" has more than 50 square meters, simple Chinese style, comes with a separate bathtub, mattress It is my favorite, soft and good support, a real sleep. Cup of coffee can enjoy the view of Sancha Lake from the large balcony. "Superior Room" is the cheapest. In the east building of the hotel, it is a modern style that young people prefer. Except for the balcony with no pleasant scenery, the other configurations are the same as the hotels in the main building. The rooms are very new. The key is cost-effective. :Because it is a resort hotel, the most distinctive features of Intercontinental are their two swimming pools, 3500m2 infinity pool, 1000m2 24 degree heated swimming pool, and 42°C hot spring pool; It is free and can be reported. can also buy tickets directly. Adult tickets are 188 yuan / person, children 94 yuan / person, because there is a children's water park, playing here for a day no problem. The environment of the infinity pool is comparable to that of the island, facing the mountain lake, with excellent views, blue waves and ripples, while swimming and watching the scenery is really heart-warming. Everyone is more interested in the pool wedding provided by the hotel. In the warm sun of the sunset and the beloved, standing in the center of the sparkling pool, say the vow, and what island to go to the wedding! Hotel entertainment: Because it is a resort hotel, entertainment activities are also rich and colorful, large wetland park, beautiful scenery, football basketball badminton court, fishing area, camping barbecue area, etc., can also feed black swan. Hotel Restaurant: The dining environment of Moon Island Caf is one of the intercontinental features. Sitting under the superb dome of the hotel, the tiger parrot is in the shade. Rich buffet breakfast is not too early to eat a big meal, Chinese food is also very special, powerful Amway yellow spicy, on-site meat tender, spicy, bus! Recommended crowd: Strongly recommended for friends and family, couples vacation, company building friends. Price: The rooms are all from 770+ to more than 2,000. Everyone thinks that the minimum standard room is very good. One room gives a pool ticket worth 376 for two people, and it also costs breakfast for two. !
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