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추천 트립 모먼트
후이둥,추천 트립 모먼트
Huizhou Country Garden Shili Yintan is located in Huizhou Huizhou East Asia Pojiao Coastal Tourist Area, Huishen Coastal Expressway Xiaojingwan Exit or Guanghui Expressway Yapo Point Exit, only 70 minutes drive from Shenzhen City and 20 minutes drive from Huizhou South Railway Station. After arriving at Country Garden Shili Yintan Hotel, the hotel receptionist smiled and said Welcome to help with luggage, and then led us to the Phoenix Club for check-in. The main body of the hotel is butterfly-shaped, the central semi-circular shape is the hotel lobby, and the left and right buildings are like butterfly wings. The design is novel. In the Phoenix Club environment, the hotel is comfortable and elegant. It is specially designed for hotel VIP customers, executive floor guests and other important guests. It offers top coffees such as Kenyan coffee, Ethiopian coffee and Colombian coffee, as well as cola and other cold drinks. The hotel has a total of 336 rooms and suites with sea views. We booked a Deluxe Ocean View King Room on the 15th floor. After getting the room card, we can't wait to return to our room, and the service is also very fast to pull the luggage to the door. The design of the open wooden door is estimated to allow the bathtub user to easily communicate with the outside. For a family-friendly hotel, this natural scenery is a natural match. I still wanted to take a lunch break, but I couldnt help but go to the beach to play. The long blue sky and blue sky, since Bali, after a different, has only met with you, just like God's overturned palette, beautiful, blue and gentle.
후이둥,추천 트립 모먼트
후이저우 해안 온천 리조트
Huizhou Haibin Hot Spring Resort is located in the cave of Pinghai Town, Huiping Peninsula, Huidong County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. The terrain is undulating, the Pinghu Gorge is interlaced, and the mountains and springs are clear everywhere. Fresh. The hot spring area also has all kinds of hot spring pools with the most marine culture features. It features hot spring pools. The beach hot springs are close to the sea. The spring water is a geothermal spring from the deep sea. The water quality is salty. The clear water is a rare hot spring with three ingredients. [Travel Tips]: Hot Springs Notes: 1. Be sure to pick off the metal jewelry on your body, otherwise you will find it hard to find that your favorite jewelry has been vulcanized into black. Its gone. 2. Avoid fasting, after-dinner, after-drinking hot springs, hot springs and eating time should be at least one hour apart. 3. Choose a hot spring pool that adapts to its high, medium and low temperature, generally from low temperature to high temperature, every 15-20 minutes. 4, hot springs should not be soaked for a long time, otherwise there will be chest tightness, thirst, dizziness and other phenomena. When you feel dry mouth and chest tightness in the spring water, you have to go to the pool to rest, or drink some drinks to replenish moisture. [Address]: Pingdong Town, Huidong County, Huidong County, hole [ticket]: 298 [including early] standard double room + hot spring [traffic]: self-driving line from Guangzhou, Departure from Dongguan: You can take the Guanghui Expressway to the Shenzhen-Shenzhen Expressway. Take the exit of Lushan Mountain and head toward Shantou to go through the direct access to the resort area of Lushan and Tieyong Town. (The whole journey is about 120 minutes). From Shenzhen: You can take the Shenshao Expressway to the exit of Lushan and drive towards Shantou through Lushan and Tieyong.
후이둥,추천 트립 모먼트
Guangdong also has a beautiful treasure trough of coastline, super small people take a large film friends jokingly said that Guangdong's sea is not good-looking, with the Mediterranean, love sea far. No, no, Guangdong has a good coastline, undeveloped, few people, and is especially suitable for off-road, that is, the black platoon near Huizhou Shuangyuewan. Guangzhou Foshan drove to the black platoon in the past 4 hours. Compared with Shuangyuewan, the sea is also quite blue. The reef Shanghai can see shells and crabs. Here, there is original and quiet. The beach scenery is suitable for a two-day and one-night self-driving tour. We followed the navigation for a long time. There were no shadows in the village on both sides. I thought it was wrong. When I reached the end, there was a sea level at a certain angle, especially the magical and beautiful scenery. In an inaccessible place. is highly recommended on the hillside to see the most beautiful look of the entire bay. You can also walk over the reef. These reefs have been washed away by the sea all the year round and are suitable for photographing, but they must be safe and easily scratched. Black platoon to the undeveloped coastline of Shuangyuewan, because it is undeveloped, it is completely dirt road, and even sees warning signs on the roadside: the road ahead is collapsed and cannot pass! But in fact, you can drive, but there is a road of about five or six kilometers. The general car is easy to damage. If you accidentally damage the chassis, we drive the Lingke 01. This road is basically a piece of cake. Don't go this route easily. can take aerial photography, take the drone to take pictures of the seaside scenery that does not lose abroad. Traffic mode: Only when you can get here, you can navigate the beach of Yanzhou Island and you will end up at the end. : One to two hours is enough. In the evening, it is beautiful wear: white long skirt accommodation: no accommodation nearby, recently Yanzhou Island or Shuangyuewan live eat: too much place near Shuangyue Bay Yes, food stalls eat seafood, tea restaurant here the brand says can not swim in the water
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