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구이양,추천 트립 모먼트
구이양,추천 트립 모먼트
An important hub of the Chama Station in Guizhou Province during the Ming and Qing Dynasties A southwest town where the headlines were boarded for "seeking a gun" An ancient street/hh full of square and blue square stone roads / One of the four old towns in Guizhou, one of the four ancient towns of Guizhou, is only 29 kilometers away from Guiyang. Built in the Ming Dynasty Hongwu Decade (1378), it was originally a military fortress. Qingyan Town is named for its many cyan rock peaks nearby. In the eleventh year of Ming Chongzhen, the traveler Xu Xiake passed through Qingyan and wrote in his travel notes: The new city of Qingyan is built, and there is a market in the middle of the city. It is the key to the southern part of Guizhou Province. The design of the ancient town is exquisite and exquisite. The ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties are intertwined, and the temples and pavilions are painted with carved beams and flying corners. The town has a collection of people, including the famous celebrity Zhou Yuxi and the late Qing Dynasty champion Zhao Yizhen (the first literary champion in Guizhou history). The town has historical relics such as the Qingyan teachings and ruins, the Zhaozhuang Yuanfu, the former residence of Mr. Ping Gang, and the Red Army Long March Operation Command. Zhou Enlais father, Deng Yingchaos mother, Li Kenong and other revolutionary predecessors and their families all lived in Qingyan secretly. In 2013, it was praised as one of the most attractive towns in China in the Peak International Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection and Inheritance Tourism Planning Project. In 2010, Qingyan Ancient Town won the honorary title of Hometown of Chinese Poetry awarded by the Chinese Poetry Society and took the lead in becoming the hometown of poetry in the country.
구이양,추천 트립 모먼트
첸링산 공원
Macaques in Qianling Mountain, Guiyang, and tarsiers in Bohol, Philippines
구이양,추천 트립 모먼트
Nowadays, Chinese cities look more and more like the same high-rise buildings, like pedestrians who are rushing in a hurry. Perhaps only diet can distinguish the difference of each city. Each city has more or less specialties that represent the city's inherent flavor. Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, has a long history compared with many cities. The taste of food is the same as that of the brother cities in the southwestern region. It is generally spicy, but there is a snack but it is unique, that is, silk dolls. Representative of Guiyang snacks. Silk dolls are very popular in Guiyang. They can be seen everywhere. They can be opened in the new big shopping malls. The windows are clean and comfortable. They can also be used in the streets and lanes to eat and walk. The name of the silk doll may be heard by foreigners. Do not understand, what is this snack? Can't literally understand. Local friends recommended silk love red soup silk doll, this is one of the snacks that must be experienced in Guiyang. In fact, the production of silk dolls is not complicated, but the variety of vegetables is a variety of vegetables, which are cut into thin filaments, wrapped in pancakes to eat, because the appearance looks like a newborn baby is wrapped in the "" and named. The process of eating silk dolls is very imposing. Choose the vegetables you like. Usually one person will choose a dozen or even 20 kinds of vegetable silks. The small dishes are neatly arranged and spectacular. The most important thing is the dip. It is.
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