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추천 트립 모먼트
다이,추천 트립 모먼트
Among the many ancient towns in Sichuan, the Anren ancient town of Benevolence Anren is a unique feature. In addition to the famous landlord Liu Wencai's Liu's Manor and the famous seeing Sichuan Museum, the building of Da'an Anren Town is also very foreign--this is rare in the ancient towns of Sichuan. It is said that Anren Town was built in Tang Dynasty, but the buildings in the ancient towns that are now seen are mostly the style of the public halls in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Ming Dynasty. They want to come to Anren near the provincial capital Chengdu, and the towns frequently have wealthy merchants and warlords, so the wealth is thick and the buildings also show something. style of. Anren Ancient Town has 27 well-preserved mansions. In terms of architectural features, Anren Town, which has a large number of old mansions, is unique in the ancient town of Sichuan. The ancient town of Anren is known as the "three regiments and nine brigades of the 18th regiment, and the number of long-term battalions is not complete." During the wartime warfare during the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, many warlords and large warlords were produced. The manor of Liu Dicai, the landlord of Sichuan, is also in Anren Town. Anhuili is a new street in the ancient town. This is a characteristic pedestrian street newly renovated between the new and old mansions in Anren Town. Of course, the building is still antique style, mainly selling small shops of crafts and Restaurants such as restaurant teahouses are considered to be the commercial center of Anren Ancient Town.
다이,추천 트립 모먼트
Blue sky, green land, mountains, white clouds, plus a European-style building, such a beautiful scenery can be said to "pretend" to go abroad, this is the Xiling Snow Mountain known as the Eastern Alps. In summer, the Xiling Snow Mountain is of course not snowy, but it is not the same beautiful scenery. The most beautiful view of the scenic spot is the scenery near the Yingxue Lake on the ski resort. Because of the altitude, the weather here is often changeable. The day before I came, it was still heavy rain in the sea of clouds. On the second day, the beautiful sea of clouds was scattered, revealing the mountains in the distance, the lakes and the various European buildings carefully constructed by the scenic spots. It is also more beautiful under the eyes. Nowadays, the self-driving Xiling Snow Mountain has become the first choice for many tourists in Chengdu. In addition to the ski resorts that everyone loves to play, the scenic spots such as Riyueping and Yinyang in the mountains are worth a turn. The Xiling Snow Mountain day trip is a bit nervous. It is recommended to take a two-day tour. On the first day, you can take the cableway to the ski resort. Stay in a hotel near Yingxue Lake. In the afternoon, enjoy the primroses that bloom in May. It is also a good choice to blow the hair. . There is a second ropeway on the west side of Yingxue Lake to continue the summit. After arriving at Sun Moon Ping, you can watch the sunrise and continue to explore the mysterious yin and yang attractions. In the corner of the scenic spot, a row of European-style small houses, with blue sky and white clouds, is very exotic. In addition to the beautiful scenery, since the Xiling Snow Mountain is basically at the same latitude as the Western Alps, its temperament and snow cover are similar, because it is known as the Alpine Alps, except for the winter snow scene. Each season has its own scenery. In the summer, the Xiling Snow Mountain has primroses and azaleas. Traveling here in summer is the best choice for relaxing. In Xiling Snow Mountain, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.
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