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Located on the reef cliffs next to Diniwid Beach, Nami Hotel has 270-degree open sea views with 12 rooms and 6 massage rooms, claiming to have the best views of Boracay. Snorkeling, fish and corals can be enjoyed at the beach below the hotel. It is just that the traffic is inconvenient and the vehicle cannot be reached directly. However, if it is staying for 2 nights or more, the store will provide free pick-up from Caticlan Airport and free transfer from DMALL. After seeing the NAMI sign, take a bamboo viewing elevator to check in at the hotel lobby located halfway up the mountain. NAMI attracts many non-resident guests to come to eat and do SPA with unrivaled sea views. The floor-to-ceiling window of the sea view massage room has a balcony with views, overlooking the bar, full of mint green water and white sand beach. There are also boats suspended in the sea, people swimming in the shallows... In this way, while enjoying the professional SPA, while enjoying the beautiful sea view, gradually, they entered the dream~~~ Unfortunately, a fire on the night of January 31, 2018 turned this into ashes... I look forward to rebuilding.
작성일: 2018년 12월 21일
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