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하얏트 리젠시 뒤셀도르프
4.3/546생생 리뷰

하얏트 리젠시 뒤셀도르프

뒤셀도르프|도심까지 거리: 1.91km
Amazing experience from A to Z Arrived at Hotel with fantastic parking spaces and ability to charge the car. Receptionist upon check-in have been super accommodating and professional, she was helpful, smiley and very complimenting thank you Pauline!!! Room was immaculate, contained very sustainable material with amazing and spacious layout and fantastic view. Huge thanks to all housekeeping staff without exception. They prepared baby cot to our daughter with bathrobe, slippers and shampoo, conditional and lotion with some wonderful toys as well!! During the stay, they did a wonderful job day in day out with refreshing and preparing a very welcome room. Huge thanks to the F&B team at both bar and room service. They placed amazing fruits basket upon arrived with a lovely letter. Bar staff, they were smiley, professional and very accommodating, playing with our daughter and asking always if we needed help etc and making the best food and drinks with special shout-out to Eike for being amazing dusting our visits! Breakfast staff were very nice despite how busy the area is during that weekend and they have ensured to seat it somewhere quiet and prepare baby seat for our daughter, they were attentive with coffee, eggs and everything else, thank you for your hard work! Lobby, wonderful and luxury layout with amazing atmosphere, concierge / bellman Bashir or Rachid ( please excuse my spelling) was a very wonderful guy, he was chatty and funny even our daughter was running toward him, you are so kind! Lastly, we had to checkout after amazing stay to be helped by one in a million receptionist her name is Paula if am not mistaken on 28th May around 13:00! Location is fantastic, hotel is wonderful and everything else is spot on. Suitable for families, corporates and leisure!! Thank you to all the staff!!!!
힐튼 뒤셀도르프
4.1/551생생 리뷰

힐튼 뒤셀도르프

뒤셀도르프|도심까지 거리: 2.58km
First impressions were reasonable, but during our first morning at the hotel, everything soon went downhill. From 8am till around 4pm there were two separate 'evacuations' into the hotel lobby with fire and police services being called both times. After the first evacuation, we went into town, came back 4 hours later, only for the whole hotel to be evacuated again!! Hotel staff were short tempered and nasty, bluntly barking at us to evacuate with hours going by until they finally told us there'd been a water leak. An emergency situation is understandable and I'm not bothered about that event, but the staff's handling of it was utterly poor. A question about needing to return to a hotel room, after several hours of waiting, to collect an inhaler for asthma, was met with grossly insensitive jokes about secretly taking ecstasy and then we were ignored. This whole ordeal largely amounted to the hot water being switched off, which then remained off for several days. One staff member teased we would get 'freebies' from the hotel as a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience; this did not happen. The main hotel lifts became unusable and after being instructed to use the service lifts instead, a bartender charged towards us screaming and being unbelievably hostile, refusing to let us pass or listen to what other hotel staff had literally just informed us to do. His behaviour was diabolical, but he made no apologies for himself and excused himself from the conversation. It was outrageous seeing the entire hotel be displaced in such a clunky and slapdash way. Most of the hotel staf were rude, blunt and pompous. One single receptionist was polite and friendly, and that was the woman who checked us out. Every three or four hours someone was knocking at our door or entering our room for cleaning purposes; we could scarcely relax. We've never felt so harassed in a hotel. The hotel cups provided were barely fit for a gobful of drink and they even took away our only spoon to stir our drinks. The sanitisation standards of the hotel were inadequate, failing to provide basic antibacterial or hand soaps in rooms; I had to use a face soap to wash my hands and the red seating between the lobby and bar was heavily stained with black marks. The restaurant always seemed closed, tha bar never had more than three tables with customers, the bar layout was so cramped that I banged my leg trying to take a seat and the entire hotel decor was dreary and miserable. Most of the TV channels didn't work either. I think the only positives were having a free apple from the bowl in reception every day and ultimately leaving the hotel forever!

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조식 포함

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패밀리 호텔

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라인 프롬나드

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Altes Rathaus

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Japanese Garden

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호텔 빌라 오버카셀
4/54생생 리뷰
Das kleine Hotel in Oberkassel in Düsseldorf ist persönlich geführt und sehr ordentlich. Gepflegte Zimmer. Kleines aber ausreichendes Frühstücksbuffet. Der Besitzer ist sehr nett und hilfsbereit. Zimmer sind nicht wirklich groß , aber völlig ausreichen. Gerne komme ich wieder
호텔 린덴호프 뒤셀도르프
4/537생생 리뷰
우리는 Dusseldorf에 일년에 3-4 번갑니다. 우리가 Lindenhof 호텔에 머물렀던 것은 처음 (그리고 마지막) 시간이었습니다. 우리가 체크 아웃했을 때 리셉션의 여성도 매우 친절했습니다. 숙박 후 호텔에 숙박 해 주셔서 감사합니다.항상 그런 이메일을받는 것이 즐겁습니다. 호텔 자체는 매우 좋은 상황입니다. 도보로 5 분 거리에 Königsalee가 있습니다. 10 분. Shadow Arkaden 및 Altstadt까지. 또한 10 분. 주요 기차역까지 도보. 또한 호텔에서 20m 떨어진 곳에 대형 주차장 입구가 있습니다. (출구는 샬롯텐스트라스에 있고, 그루펠로스트라스에서 오른쪽으로 다시 가다가 호텔에서 도보 2분 후 도착) 오스트스트라스의 지하철은 호텔에서 불과 150m 떨어져 있으며 하인리히 하이네 알리로 바로 연결됩니다 (도시의 두 번째 정류장과 중심); 우리 방은 멋지게 장식되었고 매우 깨끗했습니다. 우리가 Oststrase와 Grupellostrasse의 모퉁이에 있었다면 그것은 매우 조용했습니다. 아침 뷔페는 큰 선택 (신선한 상품)으로 매우 좋습니다. 따라서 Dusseldorf를 발견하려면이 호텔에 조언 할 수 있습니다.
호텔 닛코 뒤셀도르프
4/582생생 리뷰
이번에는 이그제큐티브룸을 예약했는데 더블베드룸을 배정받았습니다. 화장실 배수가 잘 안되고, 세면대 배수도 잘 안되고, 물이 너무 많아서 체험이 별로 좋지 않습니다. 가장 중요한 것은 방의 2층 자물쇠도 깨졌다는 것입니다. 외출 시에는 프런트에 자물쇠가 고장났으니 수리할 사람을 찾아야 한다고 말씀하세요. 하지만 호텔로 돌아와도 여전히 수리가 되지 않아 겁에 질려 이틀 밤을 잤습니다.
NH 뒤셀도르프 시티
4.5/5107생생 리뷰
I stayed in this hotel on the 19th of February with my son. When we unfolded the bed linen we discovered that one of the duvets had human excrement on it. We went to the reception to complain and we were asked what did we want him to do about it(in an extremely rube tone). We eventually got switched rooms and next morning we went to check out and asked to speak to someone in charge. The receptionist was extremely rude and just kept saying sorry about that over and over again. You can be guaranteed it i will never step foot in that hotel ever again. I am only giving it 1 star because it wont let me post anything without giving it anything. included is a photo as proof.
아코라 뒤셀도르프 리빙 더 시티
4/517생생 리뷰
우리는 Dusseldorf에서 10 일 동안 일하고이 호텔에 머물 렀습니다. 호텔은 도시의 매우 조용한 주거 지역에 있습니다. 작지 않습니다. 아침 식사 공간 옆에 작은 리셉션이 있습니다. 객실은 넓습니다. 가구와 장식은 3 성급 호텔에 해당합니다. 욕실에는 비누 만 있습니다. 슬리퍼가 없습니다. 청소는 나쁘지 않습니다. 이 수준의 호텔에는 매우 좋은 아침 식사. 그들은 영어로 잘 이해하지 못합니다. 그럼에도 불구하고 그들은 호텔에 만족했습니다. 흡연실이 있습니다. 도심은 차로 약 15 분입니다. 우리는 Dusseldorf에 10 일 동안 있었고이 호텔에 머물 렀습니다. 호텔은 도시의 매우 조용한 주거 지역에 있습니다. 작지 않습니다. 작은 등록 홀은 아침 식사 공간 옆에 있습니다. 객실은 넓습니다. 가구와 마무리는 3-star 호텔과 일치합니다. 욕실에는 비누 만 있습니다. 슬리퍼가 없습니다. 그들은 나쁘지 않습니다. 이 수준의 호텔에 아주 좋은 아침 식사. 영어를 잘 이해하지 못합니다. 그러나 그들은 호텔에 만족했습니다. 흡연실이 있습니다. 시내 중심까지 자동차로 약 15 분.
카라트호텔 뒤셀도르프 시티
4.4/5127생생 리뷰
좋은 위치에 있는 깔끔한 호텔. 엔터테인먼트 지역에서 도보로 약 15분 거리입니다. 호텔에 주차장이 있어 투숙객으로서 할인을 받을 수 있다는 점도 매우 좋습니다. 방은 깨끗하고 현대적이었습니다. 모든 시설을 이용할 수 있었습니다. 아침 식사는 매우 훌륭하고 광범위했습니다.

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