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장가계,추천 트립 모먼트
톈먼산 국가산림공원(천문산 국가삼림공원)
Traveling Zhangjiajie is a great pleasure in life Zhangjiajie has too many places to visit but there are 5 must-see attractions you must visit h 1 Golden Whip Creek is known as Shanshui Gallery. The well-known golden route is the largest stream landscape in Zhangjiajie, which is different from other scenery in Zhangjiajie. 2 Wulongzhai is famous in the Yangjiajie, the core scenic spot of Zhangjiajie, because the terrain is extremely dangerous. Three of them are closed: one step is difficult, who dares not bow, and shrinks into the valley. It is highly respected on the Internet, and because the mountain road is too steep, the tourists who are sighing physically weakly regret to return halfway; there is also an attraction in Wulongzhai: Tianbofu: a typical bandit. The top ladder is basically at an angle of 90. It is necessary to use both hands and feet to climb up 3 Tianmenshan glass path, glass plank road, which is the essence of the Tianmen Mountain. The west line plank road is 60 meters long and operates first; the east line plank road is 150 meters long and operates afterwards. The plank roads are all built on cliffs. The roads are all made of transparent glass. Walking on top, you can see the deep valley under your feet, and you will feel the joy of walking in the air. 4Tianmenshan National Forest Park Tianmen Mountain, anciently known as Yunmeng Mountain and Qiliang Mountain, is the highest mountain in the Yongding District of Zhangjiajie. Only 8 km from the city
장가계,추천 트립 모먼트
The ancient times are the pride of our people in Hangzhou. When you look at the ancient times in different cities, you will have a very intimate feeling. The ancient feelings are naturally the attractions that Zhangjiajie must punch. The most unforgettable thing is the performance of the ancient times. We went to the performance of the day and went to four games a day. It is said that the weekend has reached five games a day, each audience of 3,000 people, the venue is full, it can be seen The degree of welcome Bubble fight, adults and children will be super awkward, here by the way, go to the ancient times to play, I usually bring a few sets of thin clothes, because there are many projects once If you are happy, you may be wet. Smashing Apple Paradise is a happy space for children under 1.5 meters. It feels like the little babies are here because they are magnetically attracted. They can not leave all day, and the children who enter the park are free. Play, disciplined line up can be ~ in Zhangjiajie several famous scenic spots, the child's favorite must be the ageing scene, here for the children tailored the most playful playground, light This air shuttle rope network is enough for the children to turn to the hour, each week will have different difficulties, need to challenge! Below the ropeway is a large artificial beach where children can play sand. There is also the most popular summer water area, afraid of wet, remember to bring clothes for yourself and the baby, you can play indulgence and indulgence. The coolest area in the scenic area is in the viewing hall of the Qingming River. , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Wet shoes, learning to go in and experience, I feel very exciting. The large square performance "Toast Tudor" in the small earth building on the side of the Eternal Love Square, this is a very interactive performance, every man present may become a lucky, come on stage With a big show, the old guy amused all the audience downstairs as soon as he got on stage. Toast: "The next step is to ask Xianxian. I have read any books at home. What is the name of the book?" Answer: "No." The audience is a laughter... Carnival, the Zhangjiajie Ancient Love Art Troupe led everyone to set off a bonfire, singing and dancing, and feeling the passionate ethnic customs. , from time to time there will be large-scale performances of the ancient actors who appear in the flash, and take a photo with the favorite characters, become the COSPLAY player. Another outdoor panoramic performance in the is a water trapeze on the water. This is also an absolutely amazing water stunt show. The audience in the front row pay attention to the naughty actors. Will splash in the water~ Our 12
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